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writing_11235489264I had been writing for quite a long time when i met him. And my writings i could say were good enough. I mean good in a way to catch/influence things…good in a way to flow with/dance with the words…good in a way even to get praised by some.

On the contrary he had no hands in writing, even in reading. He was not writing anything (almost anything) except a few lines rendering that he was fine. Similarly, he was  reading nothing (almost nothing) except my long writings to (for) him.

After long time one day he suddenly confessed that i was a better writer than himself. At that time such a confession had surprised me as made by someone who was almost a non-writer/reader. And that particular confession had kept me satisfied for a long duration.

However, another day at the end of the story (which in books and movies usually means after he left me and went to on his own way marrying another girl) i noticed that was not true and i came to know he was a better writer than me since he wrote my fate/future in the way he wished for!

Now you tell me who is a better writer? Me or him?

P.S.: Phew…first short story of 2012 after a long interval…Anyone out there among old friends?!

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 The new book of Orhan Pamuk at last took its place on the shelves. “Masumiyet Müzesi” (Museum of Innocence–literally) is often categorized as a novel of romance but the writer states it is more than that. It is not only about love but also, human relations, friendship, marriage, passion and many other humanly feelings.

Here i am not going to go into detail about the book regarding its matter of subject, the style in which it is written or the readers’ feedback as i have not read the book yet. May be i should spare another page for its review after finishing the book.

By chance today i came across with the author on T.V. talking about his writing life, his career all throughout, about his new book and its process and the nobel prize he got. Listening to all these talks, seeing the author’s enthusiasm about his book, the discipline he applied on himself, the ethics, his love for writing really touched me today.

So, i got a new motive to read this book and right now i m adding it into my Target Books…Lets see when i will be able to read this book as there are still many waiting to be finished…Well as all of us know…So many books, so less time…!

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