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Dear Diary~Day 12

Dear Diary,

Finally (and unfortunately) the winter showed its face in real sense since yesterday. I witnessed the first snow of the year although it was just for a short while (giving us false hopes as we all dreamed of a white cover all over). Snow appeals to me but i cannot say the same thing for the cold. It is just freezing outside and thick pullovers, wool hats, gloves already took their places in my closet, making me seem like an eskimo while walking around 😀

That is all about the weather and what about me?? Well, busy time of my life. I am gripping partially this and that but not able to wholly grab what i touch. Time and patience are the basic factors that i need the most!



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Season of Dead Umbrellas…

I woke up early in the morning and hearing the sound of rain hitting on my window i went back to sleep eagerly just hugging my blanket more and more. Then i woke up at noon, yea lazy lamhe….But this time i got out of bed and got dressed to go out for breakfast…

I opened the curtains to see the weather was still rainy and cold. I don’t like umbrellas for no reason, i just don’t feel like carrying them. So again instead of an umbrella i took my cap with me.

The weird thing was that all through the way till the bus stop, i saw at least 10 broken umbrellas left on the roadsides. The wind must have been so strong last night so that so many weak umbrellas lost the game against it.

See the photo below i took this morning. I still don’t like umbrellas but i felt sorry for them after seeing them like that…This winter became the season of dead umbrellas rather than a snowman!


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