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dilse-chaiyyaI believe most of my readers came to know already that i’m not Indian by nationality but by heart. Yes, i am not Indian indeed and i have never been to there either yet i have a deep love for this colorful country which causes me time to time to make some plans to visit India and basing on this yet-to-be-realized idea, i always make wishlists of what i am going to do there once i reach on this dreamland…

  • On the top of my list comes visiting a Bollywood theatre and watching a SRK movie on a giantic screen for the first time. Since we don’t have any Bollyood movies released in Turkish cinema halls, i am just restricted to net or some DVDs (if i am lucky to find them on the shelves). When i just imagine SRK’s looking at the audience with his bending eye brows and bada bada tear drops, or his dancing haule haule with his mate in Saree, or  his saying KKiiiiirrrraaannnn, i feel quite impatient to make it realized 😀 (However, if not any SRK movie released at the time of my visit, i am open to any movie as long as it is Bollywood 😀 ).
  • Secondly, i would love to get on a Riksha. That might sound a bit odd, stupid or funny but seeing thousands of them in movies, i am surely in love with these tiny carriages. They are cute and warm by appearance and i am always hungry for new experiences 😀
  • Laddos…Yep…you didn’t misheard me…i want to taste those yellow round sweet food by my definition. I saw them for the first time in the movie “Water” by John Abraham and Lisa Ray and that scene with laddo affected me so much…That is the basic reason i want to eat one and the common reason is that i always hear that they are very yummyylicous, aren’t they?? 😛
  • That is a classic one done almost by each and every tourist to India…Do you have any guess? Let me give you some clues…Shah Jahan…Mumtaz Mahal….symbol of a great love saga…..yes, you are right. I would like to see Taj Mahal in real…not in 3D, 4D or 5D as i am fed up with seeing it only in movies…i want to touch its marbles and feel the great history and love lying just under…Oh! i won’t forget to be taken of a photo just in front of it as this is the most common tradition accepted by every tourist 😛

Well, that is all for today…nahi, na, no, nope…the list is not over…how can it be while i need almost a year to spend in India if i am to realize one and each item in my mind…so to be continued! 😀

P.S. VERY HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Please accept this little gift below from my side to all Indians across the whole world 🙂


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Chuiya, still a child but a widow at the same time sentenced to live in an “ashram” by religious bindings, unaware of what is going on around with her innocent mind and her love and care-seeking heart…

Kalyani, sharing the same fate, feels sympathy with Chuiya. Although she takes shelter under an “ahsram” to go on her living under protection, she is forced to sell her body. Meanwhile, being a widow, although strictly forbidden, she can’t help falling in love…

Narayan, adopting a newly born philosopy, followed by many through the leadership of Indra Gandhi, has a different approach to life, and is quite criticized by his close cicrle due to his disobedience to the traditions and his wish to make a widow her wife…

An unfortunate story of two lovers struggling to love independently under the roof of another struggle of a nation to live independently…Hidden truths, hypocrisy, belief in superstitions, using people for benefit and ignorance…Some pseudo-facts like a sharp slap…some sincere confessions like a soft touch…

Decorated with the enchanting music of A.R. Rahman, both the topic-line and the cast (Lisa Ray, John Abraham, Seema Biswas, Sarala Kariyawasam), it urges you to take a step further towards an enlightened world…All in all, a striking movie deserving a five star!

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