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Lestat%20and%20Jesse(Jesse%27s%20final%20breath%20as%20mortal)I am sure each and every visitor of my blog now knows that i became a big vampire fan as soon as finishing Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, which introduced Edward Cullen to the whole literary world. On a small tracking, i came to know almost all of the book blogs spared some place for Edward let it be via Twilight movie or the book and i observed especially the teenage girls are enchanted by him rather than getting scared.

Soon after consuming Edward’s intoxicating vampire story, i started to look for more vampire stories as clearly it became a habit of mine being surrounded by them rather than a timepass (it is like wanting more soon after tasting the first drop of blood) 😀

This month i read “Vittorio” by Anne Rice first. Vittorio is a teenage vampire who is turned into one by his lover Ursula unwillingly and unexpectedly. He is partially innocent yet delightful on drinking blood.

After digesting Vittorio’s sad story, i watched the movie “The Vampire Lestat” who is again made eternal by a master vampire to keep him as a company for himself. Again innocent but unable to resist to blood.

Vittorio and Lestat are more like a nightmare for human beings by both their evil sides and vampirous charm,  no matter how much Vittorio struggles to keep his purity safe and no matter how Lestat still regrets for his first hunt. As for Edward, needless to say, he is like an angel rather than a vampire, his decent character, his thirst for love, his agony for his lost soul are making him more human less vampire.

And checking at bookstores, i noticed some other books on the shelves (some are new publications of the old books, others are totally brand new put forward for the hungry readers after the popularity of Twilight) all about vampires, adding new members to the gang.

Still it doesn’t matter how handsome they are, it doesn’t matter how lovable their looks are,  it doesn’t matter they were unwilling humans once, it doesn’t matter they seek mercy losing their souls and it doesn’t matter how they differ, in the end they all drink blood!

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