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As a tradition of Friday nights, i went to cinema last night as well and guess what kind of a movie it was??!! Of course a horror movie!!! Well, the people who know me know as well that i am a coward person like i can be afraid of my own shadow at times even 😛 And no matter how many times i repeat myself that i won’t see another horror movie, on the release of a new one i am always the first one being eager to see it….

Well…again last night…i ate my husband’s brain to see the movie “The Uninvited”, i persudaded him at last although he warned me that i would be scared, we paid, got the tickets and seated ourselves. Everything was as supposed to be till that point, but once the movie started, i again turned into a coward cat getting smaller and smaller on my seat, holding my husband’s arm, closing my eyes at the most important scenes. Under these conditions, i could only see half of the movie:P But i can still review it 😀

I won’t go into minute details as The Uninvited is also a classical horror movie with dead people, ghosts and villains around.  It is about a teenage girl who lost her mother in a fire accident. After this accident her psychology gets worse and she receives a treatment for a while which does not prevent her seeing illusions still! After the recovery, on her return to home, she comes to know that her father is about to get married with her dead mother’s nurse, which brings her at a threshold of losing her mind totally. But with the doubts in her heart that the nurse could be the murderer of her mom, she chooses to stay calm for the beginning…

As seen above, the topic line does not bring something new to the audience. It is also a remake of a Korean horror movie Janghwa, Hongryeon. I can say only good, different and extraordinary point of the movie is its end. It totally surprises the audience as there is no evidence hinting its end at all.

I would rate it as 3/5 and this 3 points are almost only for the end of movie itself.

P.S. I wasn’t able to sleep last night as i was scared again 😛

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