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Hmmmm…love story…phir bhi…as far as my weak memory remembers, this is the first time i saw a Telugu movie from the beginning to the end and i enjoyed quite much…

The lead role is shared by Siddharth Narayan and  Genelia D’Souza, who are both talented and hence giving the movie some kind of soul and energy. 

Mainly it is about a “seems-impossible-love” story. You know the lovers are subjected to a series of obstacles to be overcome at the end of the movie. But in this movie the topic is also intervened by some other sub-topics such as the relation between son and a father, the strength of bond within a family, the clashes between the younger and the older generations, friendship, etc. 

Siddu, who has been secured and given everything by his father, now wants to make his own choices  in life, however he does not know how to persuade his father. He behaves different at home and outside. He seems to follow the rules his father sets for him but in fact he is breaking all the rules secretly…One day he is made to engage with a girl his father chooses for him but soon after his engagement he finds the love of his life, Hasini, who becomes a turning point for him to prove himself against his father and to reach his love!!!

Well i liked the movie. I liked the soundtrack as well. Only thing disturbing me in this movie was Hasini’s clothes (bad taste!).Towards the end i found myself crying again…damn i could never help it when i am face to face with a love scene:P

Curious about my rate? If it is a love story, what do you think it would be? Of course 5/5:D


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