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I am so happy to share the first award of this blog which has been recently distributed by Sree, my craziest blog friend 😀 Thanks a lot buddy 🙂 But before accepting this kind award there are certain rules i should follow…

The Rules are:

First you should write a post telling about the award itself, the name of the blog owner who considers you to be one deserving it, and his/her link. Then you should select minimum 7 blogs whom you think that he/she deserves this award too by the design or the content of his/her blog. So Mention 7 people leaving comment on their blog informing them about the award. Lastly list 10 honest things about you and you are done! 🙂

Here we go:

1-I concentrate on my work much better when i listen to Udit Narayan or Sonu Nigam (Does it sound weird?) 😀

2- I eat a chocolate bar every day at 3 pm in the afternoon with a cup of tea or coffee which keeps me alive during the rest of the day!

3- I have a notepad where i collect various quotes i read in books or notice here and there; i note them down together with the date of the day and then i like to read them like a real diary…

4- My friends use always nicks while talking to me instead of my real name such as panda, auntie-ji, beti, beta, choti, ISD, Hazzy, Tini Mini, etc. I am sure most of them already forgat my real name 😀

5- I am a FarmVille addict!

6- I love mailing and receiving mails from friends all over the world…hearing about different lives, knowing about different personalities makes me more and more curious about everything in this world and this curiosity keeps me happy most of the time 🙂 (Ok you can mail me too…i dnt mind 😛 )

7- I see nightmares almost every night and wake up by screaming and that is why i keep naming myself as Melinda Gordon 😛

8- I am as slow as a turtle at reading and i don’t know whether it is coz of the limited time spared for reading or of my lazy nature.

9- While working and when i am densely concentrated sometimes i murmer in Hindi and that makes my Turkish colleagues to look at me in fear 😀

10- I have no idea why but i have difficulty in remembering the Hindi counterpart of the word “Brain” in English. And even right now i am still not sure whether it is Bheja or something like that 😛

Phew….that was not easy! Now it is time to find the victims yet i will make a rule violation and will nominate only 3 people instead of 7. I have many blogs i strictly follow and find quite magnificant yet i don’t have a fluent communication with many of them hence will go for the ones i am often visited by. Hope Sree won’t scold me for the violation 😛

Best of luck 😀

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Is there anyone who does not know yet that i love tags? Tell me tell me…is there anyone? 😛 Let me thank lady BlueMist for today’s tag, which is in a way different from the previous ones i was tagged. As a member of the chain all i have to is to open my first photo folder, to scroll down to the 10th photo and to post it here together with the story behind it. Sounds easy, short and enjoying, doesn’t it? 😀

Here we go!


Well i don’t have an interesting story to relate it…It is a view of Istanbul from the Bosphorus. You know Istanbul is famous for its bridges connecting Asia and Europe, and i had taken this photo last summer (July) on a shipboard between two continents. It was such a lovely day, i had fully enjoyed the sun and the refreshing smell of the sea and the shopping time with my husband after we landed on 😀

Well now i have to tag some other blog members here but i guess i will leave this tag open to everyone…anyone volunteer just pick it up and leave me a message…i would love to see some other photos 😀

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25 Facts About Me…Tag Tag!

smile030No need to make an introduction, right? I am sure you already guessed that i am tagged by Sree once again…i should say i love tags because on each tag i know more details about my blogger friends and in the same way i let them know about me more…and i find every tiny miny detail quite interesting as minor reasons in life might cause major results 🙂

Here is the rule…i should write 25 facts about me…it can be about my life, my habits, hobbies, fantasies, achievements, aims…etc…etc..and then tag 25 people in return…lets start!

  1. I hate monday mornings as i am not able to wake up early in the morning and come into my senses properly at least till 10 am. And did you notice tomorrow is Monday? 😡
  2. No matter what i cannot decide about my favourite Bollywood movie, one day it is Veer-Zara, the other day it is Devdas, and some other day it is Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge…but under any condition i cannot vote for the best as each and every SRK movie is already the best!
  3. I cannot stop myself from spending on books and movies. Although i am quite slow at reading lately due to lack of time, i am still fast at purchasing books 😀
  4. Recently i lost a precious friend and it is one of my biggest regrets in life! (I cannot blame either myself or my friend, but just life)
  5. I am a coward, i cannot watch any horror movies. If i watch just by chance/coincidence, i am not able to sleep alone/in dark for days 😀
  6. As the time passes, i am becoming more and more homebody, less and less social. My leisure time activities quite decreased in time. Does it mean i am getting older? 😆
  7. I cannot speak proper Hindi and that drives me crazy. I guess I should try harder…The best sentence i can construct in Hindi is “Main achchi hindi bol nahi sakti hoon” (hope it is correct lol)
  8. My favourite song changes every week, and i can spend the whole week just listening to the very same song consuming it to the end; this week’s song is “hum ne suna hai” from Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai.
  9. i quitted celebrating my birthday and at the same time i started to forget my friend’s birthdays (Accordingly, i am sure Mr. Sree will remind me of his birthday leaving a comment here *angel looks*)
  10. I love coke. Drinking coke is a habit of mine but unfortunately i am forbidden by my doctor from drinking it as it is unhealty 😦
  11. Lately i have been to various hospitals due to some health issues of mine…for now i am pretty good (shukar hai), as a matter of fact  i don’t want to see any doctor ever again (lets see how long will it be possible :p)
  12. I am looking forward to spring. I want to wear lighter clothes and to feel the sunshine on my face and to smell the fresh daisies…I wonder when i will be able to open my eyes a sunny morning…
  13. My mom’s birthday is quite near and i am planning to surprise her with a cute gift 😀
  14. Checking my blog status every day, i see many visitors but i wonder why most of the time they just pass by without dropping any comment…come on guys i am sure you have something to say on my posts :p
  15. The more i think (about anything) the more i get confused :S
  16. I hate being a pessimistic person but i cannot help thinking in a negative way. How to get rid of it?!
  17. I love spending time in bookstores, touching the covers of books and feeling the dusty smell of the shelves and hearing the sounds of the characters sheltered among pages.
  18. I already started to plan my summer vacation. I have a wedding to attend this summer and i am so excited about it as it will be an occasion to recollect my old memories.
  19. I am an indecisive person. I cannot make up my mind quickly when i am stuck between two things. If you offer me a chocolate and a bowl of icecream, i might think over it for hours and at the end someone else eat the chocolate and icecream melts already; that is why i miss many opportunities in life 😆
  20. I love daisies…the white ones…they look so pure and innocent…
  21. An indian friend of mine living and working in the same city with me, just got married in india and came back. I haven’t seen my bhabi yet, soon to be met 🙂
  22. This week i realized that i love buying cosmetic stuff but not using them as during the whole week i just put on make up only two days (well i am a natural-born-lazy plus i have a natural beauty 😆
  23. Since i watched the garba dance scene in the movie Pride and Prejudice, i want to learn it but there is no one to teach me 😦
  24. I would love to have a saree but i don’t know how and where to wear it lol
  25. Number 25 is spared for a confession which is i found it quite difficult to recollect 25 items about myself :p

Well i don’t have 25 people to tag…so anyone interested can take it up…i would love to hear about different lives 🙂

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Tag Tag Tag!!

Ahem ahemm….i got my second official tag by Mr. Sree…Shortly here is the tag as Sree suggested already>>>>>

The tag:
Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right?)
Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.

Lets start!!!!!


Your oldest memories:

Well the oldest memory that I can remember with my weak memory is an accident on the first day of the primary school. I was so excited and enthusiastic about the day. And no need to say I was extremely happy with my new school uniforms and the new packsack…I had filled each and every book and notebook at home in my packsack without letting my mom notice me…hehehe…But then as soon as I tried to wear that bag I fell behind on my back and dad and mom laughed at me like anything….The bad news is they still remember this unimportant anecdote…lol

What were you doing ten years ago:

Hmmmm to be veryyyyy honest, I was a geek at high school, getting prepared like crazy for the University exams. I was studying day and night without even breathing…Well good news is I entered the best University of the country….See how geek I was! (P.S.: Not any more)


Your first thought in the morning:

Mmmmm if it is a week day, I usually frown and say “F*** it I have to go to office at this hour”, which is exactly at 6:30 am. But if it is weekend, then I open my eyes slowly, smile naughtily, and say “yayyyy, I have plenty of time to sleep!”

If you build a time capsule what would it contain:

Well well, first of all, my husband…secondly food and water for sure as I love eating. Some starbucks coffee and choclate. Coke and chips. My. fav books, DVD player, and my fav. DVDs, and of course NEFO, my huge Hamster (of course not a real one)…


This Year:

Hmmmm I do not know what to say as this year has been a bit weird. Things have not been in the way I wanted. But lets check out the good points…I moved into a new apartment. Our company also moved into a talllll coool plaza which is more motivating for me. I bought countless movies, books and toys….And yea certain things should be hidden in me! 😀

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Ahhh hard to guess….fate always plays with our wishes and guesses but as far as my heart and mind whispers to me, I will have a daughter and will be busy with raising her. I will have my own apartment and may be my parents will move into a nearby environment even….This turned into a wish list…lol, better  stop here….

Ahan…and the end….Unfortunately I have noone to tag further…so that is all….

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I am tagged for the first time….

Well, something weird happened today…one of my overseas friend (Sree thts u lol) told me that he tagged me…first i didnt get wht he meant as i am quite new in this blogging world but he cleared the issue for me…i considered it as a game to decrease the feeling of torture…:D (mazak mazak)…

Here are the titles:

1) 6 whatever’s about me

2) 5 things i miss right now

3) 10 things i wana achieve in a decade

Well i wll try to meet the requirements but to be very honest i stll dnt know wht i ll get in return except facing myself in many ways…lol

And the sad thing is that i have no one to tag….lol

ok lets start>>>>>

6 whatever’s about me:

1) I love india…i m a great fan of indian culture and its cinema…i find all these colorful clothes (sareees), accesorizes (bangles, payels, ear-rings etc) and beautiful indian ladies with long black hair quite fascinating. When i think of india the first thing coming to my mind is bollywood and all those sad or happy love stories….sincere scenes reflecting the country’s culture itself, friendly athmosphere and awesome nature views….well i can wrte about india pages and pages so shortly, as in sung in Pardes “yeh mera india, i love my india”….:D

2) Writing is my big passion. i find very relaxing and satisfying to write about anythng and everythng and i feel happy when my writings find some readers…and when these readers like my writings!

3)I have a habit of daydreaming..lol i can imagine things all of a sudden, i can compose scenarios in my mind and get lost in them…hehehe

4) Every sunday afternoon i go to starbucks cafe to drink a cup of coffe latte (small size and hot) with a choclate chipped muffin (yummmy)

5) I watch at least 3 movies every week either hollywood or bollywood…

6) i dont like talking on phone, especially in English!

5 things i miss right now

1) i absolutely miss my parents and my hometown…since i live away from them…

2) i miss talking to one of my old buddies about anythng stupid or anythng meaningfull as we used to do in the past.

3) i miss the games i played with my cousins when we were tooo tiny to understand the world..lol…good old days!

4) i miss my tree where i used to sit on its highest branch and used to eat plum till i get pain in stomach (i guess i was a bit notty kid lol)

5) i miss fighting with my sister face to face, it is a bit difficult on phone…hehehe

10 things i wana achieve in a decade

1) to be a good and even professional writer and to publish my books

2) to act in a movie with Shah Rukh Khan 😀

3) to visit india (especially Taj mahal) and see each of my indian friends…

4) to go to Canada and to take a walk there on a snowy Sunday…

5) to go to Uk to meet my best overseas buddy there

6) to be able to speak fluent Hindi and Urdu and to refresh my German which i almost forgat…

7) to be able to watch a SRK movie in a big cinema screen which seems impossible in my country…lol

9) not to be too sensitive as it causes me to get hurt on every small disappoinment…

10) to participate in a traditional indian wedding

i guess i m done…phew..tht was really ummmmm realllyyyyy make me travel through my past… Srrreeee hope i satisfied the titles…lol

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