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Dear Choti Writer Readers,

Please kindly be informed that i will be going on a summer vacation for 3 weeks as of tomorrow. I will try to check my blog time to time and follow other blogs as well on each occasion i find net connection, however i don’t think i will be able to update my blog this often!

A friend of mine just reminded me that it has been a year now since i started this blog…Time is flying away so quickly that i even couldn’t realize it has been that much…I plan to write 1-year celebration post on my return with flashbacks through the past evaluating what i have been going through the whole year with the support of all my readers and commentators 🙂

Ah! I should keep this post short as i have still a lot to do before i start my journey (i have a long checklist :P)…

Please do take care of my blog and don’t make her feel lonely while i’m away 😀 And of course miss me! 🙂




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