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I did it again…I could not stop myself…and i bought another handbag although i do not know the exact number of handbags i have at home!

My reasons to get a new one are as in the following:

  • Its color just caught me and did not let me go as i did not have a purple one previously.
  • Its price was relatively cheaper 😀
  • I was so bored and wanted to make myself a bit happy so shopping seemed the only easy way to do this :p
  • The flower desing on the front side of the bag was so cute.
  • And lastly, even my sister would love it:D

Here is the bag itself…it is not the first nor will be the last one in my wardrobe…it turned out to be a habit of mine. Even my friends who know about this addiction started to buy handbags for me. I don’t know how to get rid of this habit as i don’t have any more money to spend on it, i don’t have any spare area to store the bags either. So i am open to any advice to stop it or to provoke it more 😀

Here is the bag itself. Hope you like it as much as i did…


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Shopping Bug on Duty!

Time to confess that today i was unable to stop myself from doing shopping again!!! But i believe this time i got some beneficial stuff…What is included…let’s have a look…

Well on the top of the list come the movies. I was too lucky to find some indian movies on the DVD store unexpectedly. I cannot express how happy i felt at the time. First one is “Slumdog Millionaire” which is recommended by a friend (Sree-ji, thank you so much once more for this great advice, i watched it already and now it is in my favourite movie list!) (a review is to be published soon…) And the other one is “Black” by famous bollywood actress Rani Mukherji and one of the bollywood kings Big Ben (Amitabh Bachchan)…The last movie i got today is from hollywood named “Twilight” (how lucky i am again to find both the movie and the book of it on the same day:))

Yea, as I mentioned above i got the first book of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and i already started reading it…so far so excited….i even forgot to drink my tea as i lost myself in the read…


And the last thing i bought today is something small but cute in apperance…it is just a cell phone bag decorated with cat items….see below yourself how sweet it is (or is it b’coz i love the cats?)


mmmm i guess that is all (as i should not mention the fruits and vegetables i bought today) so it is high time to log out and go on my duty by reading and watching for more reviews:D

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New Year Shopping

christmasgiftSooooooo tireddddd but sooooooo happy i am…because today i completed the shopping thing for new year (at least partially as for me there is no end for shopping:) )

I was busy and upset in the morning as i have gone through some health problems; but after getting good news from my doctor, i turned into a happy and  a crazy shopping bug 😛

First i went to movie store and i got new year gifts for myself, which are 4 movie DVDs: 1) The Color of Paradise by Majid Majidi, 2) Taste of Cherry by Abbas Kiarostami, 3) Dream by Kim Ki-Duk, 4) The Duchess by Saul Dibb and i am so impatient to watch them (i guess i will pick up one to see just after completing this post!). Last week i had seen Baran by Majid Majidi and i had really apreciated the movie so i started to chase the movies by the same director. I noticed i am quite fond of watching Iranian films these days (but of course my priority is always Bollywood.)

After buying the DVDs, i gave a break and sat down at Starbucks giving some peace to my feet, drinking some black tea and eating a cute and tasty brownie…

Then i was on mission to buy a new year gift for a colleague, i visited many shops and it was quite hard for me to decide what to buy beause the shops were full of lovely and amazing stuff and once you are lost among the charm and the color of the gifts, it is really difficut to select just one and leave the rest behind. However, with the support of my husband, i achieved to choose one but unfortunately i am not able to name the gift as my colleagues follow my blog…..sssshhhhhh:)

Then i got a perfume for my husband (but i will not mention the brandname:P )

This post sounds like an intro to the main new year post which i am sure will be full of new year resolutions…hehe…now i am off to see a movie (with a cup of hot chochlate!!! 🙂

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At lastttttttt….at lastttt!!!!!!! i got the dress for my sister’s wedding. I had visited too many stores during the last week. And i spent my whole saturday on it as well, as i m too indecisive and confused when i see too many dresses in the same place. lol

Well, with a support of one of my friends. We picked up a satin-like long black dress…i find it quite nice and decent, my friends also liked it a lot…Ehh i m attaching its picture here and let me get your comments as well…

I dont feel my feet right now due to long-hour walks for this dress but i believe it worths!!!



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Yesterday after office I decided to bribe myself due the intense struggles i show at work (hehe). So i had dinner outside (it was really yummyy) and afterwards i went to book/dvd shop to provide myself with some eyecandies on the shelves. Actually this month i spent too much money on books and movies so i had to stop myself from purchasing anything but (a big but) i couldnt as usual!

First i checked movies and i immediately realiazed a movie for which i was waiting for long. A fantastic chinese movie named The Promise.


Then i kept scanning the shelves with my eyes until i came across with a different and interesting title, which was Cherry Crush.


After persuading myself that should have been enough regarding the movie section, i went to book section and checked the new publications. And i got one in Turkish named Latife Hanım’ın Kağıtları (Papers of Mrs. Latife), which is composed of the diaries and the letters belonging to the wife of founder of Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. I m really fond of reading such kind of documentary diaries….


Now next time who will stop me buying things??!! 😀

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melbourne_weddings_guide_4I am so happy….yea soooo happyyy for my sister…She is getting married next month (insallah) so we are in the phase of preparation step at the moment. Finding the wedding hall, getting the bridegroom, setting up her house and furniture, getting and distributing the invitation cards and every other minute detail. She is too excited, so am i. That reminds me of my own wedding ceremony:) How passionately i had done shopping on every chance i found hehehehehe. Well now this wedding also gives me a chance to do shopping, how can i miss this opportunity?!!!!…..

I have to get a cool dress and a pair of shoes to go with the dress. And the accesorizes completing the combination. Some new make up stuff may be and the gifts for the sister….oohhhooo it seems i have a long way to go…i have to hurry up as i am a bit indecisive most of the time about what/which to buy….

I guess I will start this weekend rocking the shopping and will tell you about the result soon. Ehhh what are you waiting for, congratulate my sister and wish me some good luck….and keep your best wishes with both of us:P

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