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I am lucky that i was able to see this long-waited movie in such a short time after it met with the wide screens. As i always repeated, Turkey is a country where bollywood cinema has no place for the time being, yet there are some struggles (as far as i observed on some groups on FB) to bring Bollywood into Turkey. For now net is our one and only source it seems or if we are luckier we can find some DVDs of some hindi movies produced by American corporations.

Too much for an intro?! Let’s talk about the movie. What is there to love “My Name is Khan”?

  1. Leading cast comprises of SRK and Kajol as a couple after years , and that is already charming on itself.
  2. It is a newly released SRK movie after a long break (no he didn’t give any break but it was too long for me to wait).
  3. It has such a variety sheltering under its roof such as Hindi-Muslim clash, the attitude of USA towards Desi people, a general outlook about the patients of Asperger’s syndrome and a love story (as sine qua non).

These are the main points simply to catch the attention of the audience, but if it was just a plain love story occuring between SRK and Kajol, i would absolutely be watching it with the same level of hunger 🙂

While i was talking about (may be exaggerating) the movie with all its good sides at one hand, there were some other people at the other hand who disliked it, even finding some part of it quite boring. Let me say i never felt bored at any scene/part, i watched the whole movie without a break questioning in my mind what was next. But of course this can’t be an objective statement, can it? Better way is, watch the movie yourself and make your own judgement.

In short, i loved the whole package (including the cast, plot, and the soundtrack). So my rate is 10/5 😀



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While i was setting up my room today, i heard a weak whisper calling my name, “Hey Choti!” I was surprised as i was alone in my room at the moment, there was no one else visible. I stood still for a while and concentrated on the silence of the walls and windows. There was no voice at all. “I must have been mistaken” told myself and kept on doing my work till i heard the second voice which was a bit stronger than the first one, “Hey, we are talking to you!” Now that made me freaked out. I looked around screening the whole room with my eyes before running out in screams. But then my eyes hooked on my little friends who were smiling at me as if nothing happened. “Guys, it was you, right?” They giggled altogether. “Stop laughing now! You really scared me you bad kidos.” I was angry for a second but it all disappeared when i came face to face with them; while their wide-open eyes were focused on me in anxiety being unable to guess what would my next action be, this time i burst into laughing.

“Yes kidos, what is the problem?” They kept silence for a while as if they were deciding the spokesman among them and Miss Ladybug (being the older) took the floor,

“We heard you have a blog.”

“Yes, that is true but who told you this?”

“We heard about it while you and your hubby were talking about it”

“Ahan…Ummm so?”

“We also heard you make people popular like Shah Rukh Khan or Rahul Roy so we kindly request you to make us popular as well.”

On hearing this i just couldn’t help myself laughing like anything for minutes and i could stop only when i reliazed that they were frowning with an upset face.

“Listen kidos, those people you just mentioned are already famous. Their popularity has nothing to do with me. I just share my likes or dislikes, my positive or negative thoughts or feelings on fames. Understand?”

This time baby turtle started to talk with an utmost excitement in her tone being the younger, “That means you can introduce us to your readers, and you can also kindly mention how much you love us, can’t you?”

I smiled and nodded which caused a festival atmosphere in the room supported by their clapping with their tiny, cute hands. Then they took their best posture to produce the perfect photo saying “cheese” altogether 🙂

Here we go kidos…in the below photo let me introduce you (from left to right) Miss Ladybug, Mr. Doggie (aka Indi), Miss Baby Turtle and Miss Rabbit (aka Pinkie). These are my little friends decorating my bedroom sitting in a wooden box the whole day. They are friendly, cute, warm and lovable friends. They are good at making you smile or occupying your guests’ babies at times. And most importantly, each one has its own meaning, reminding me of a time period or a moment in my life!

I love you kidos 🙂


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Ladies and gentlemen, i am again back to you with another Shah Rukh Khan video 😆 I was watching One 2 Ka 4 and i thought why not to share my favourite part from this movie. It is one of the rare art pieces where you can find thriller, action, romance, horror, fun and love just within one video. While having the eyecandies (SRK and Juhi Chawla), do not forget to taste the velvet voices of Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik as well 🙂

Enjoy it!!!

Hai Dil Baazi Lyrics:


Haye, haye, haye, haye

Dil ki baazi laga, humse aankhen mila

Mere yaar re


Haye, haye, haye, haye

Pyaar ki hai umar, tu hai kyoon bekhabar

Sun yaar re

Ruk piya

Ruk piya, ruk piya, ruk piya piya piya

Chala kahan leke jiya, leke mera jiya jiya jiya

Haye, haye, haye, haye

Dil ki baazi laga, humse aankhen mila

Mere yaar re



Deewana main nahin

Dil ka sauda ho tujhse yeh mushkil hai

Kisi ko bhi dedoon dil

Yeh khilona nahin aakhir yeh dil hai



Tauba tauba

Tauba tauba mujhko hi samjhe ho gair piya

Tere liye main leloon duniya se bair piya

Haye, haye, haye, haye

Dil ki baazi laga, humse aankhen mila

Mere yaar re



Tujhse bhi badhke haseen aur bhi hai jahan mein, deewani sun



Mar jaaoon, mit jaaoon

Tere sadke karoon zindagaani sun



Oh, do din hai jeevan ke, kisi ke bhi sang hole



Oh, dil ki hai majboori tujhpe hi dole piya

Haye, haye, haye, haye

Dil ki baazi laga






Humse aankhen mila

Mere yaar re

Arre haye, haye, haye, haye

Pyaar ki hai umar






Tu hai kyoon bekhabar

Sun yaar re



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I had not heard of this movie (Dev D) until one day i met a review by one of my favourite bloggers (Sree) and after an introduction, he was telling the readers to stop reading if you did not watch the movie yet and being a good girl i stopped at the very mentioned point and tried to find the movie impatiently after learning that it was a new version of Devdas. And today i had the chance to see Dev D…

May be i should not compare these two movies (Dev D and Devdas) as each has its own gist in its frame but unfortunately i could not help comparing them during the watch-process….

While i was expecting a painful love story and a sad end leading the audience to shed tears over it, i came across something very different. There was still love (not only a triangle but also a rectangular), there was still missing (not only running after the lover but also to hold and sequeeze her body), there was still drama (not only going for a suicide for the lover but losing a fortune on intoxication), there was still tears, feeling of revenge, lust, anger, frustration, losing control but all those concepts gain a different dimension in Dev D…

Even the way the characters look has disguised itself:


Paro and Dev in the movie Devdas


Paro and Dev in Dev D


Chandramukhi in Devdas

10_devd_chanda_2101_430xxChanda in Dev D

Dev D is somehow inspired by the story of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay but it is quite changed and modernised and adapted to the current era of ours. Not only the characters but also the environment, the setting, the flow of the story, the qualifications of the characters are quite changed. For example in Dev D the characters are quite strong living the life with all its bad and good sides. And the best thing is noone dies….

I did not read the original story. I watched the movie Devdas with Shah Rukh and i found it quite amazing. At first i thought i could not give a chance to another Dev but after the whole movie i found out that it was good in its own scope…

My rate: 4/5!

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i am so happy that i got the chance to see Billu Barber so early as it is almost an impossible dream to obtain hindi movies so easily and early for me (reason is we do not have a bollywood cinema in Turkey plus there is such a low possibility to find a Bollywood movie in a DVD store…yea i can hear you saying unlukcy you:x).

Well i won’t go into the subject matter of the movie considering that you  must already have read countless reviews on some other blogs or sites. So to save you from another “repeat-read”, i just want to share my opinions about the movie.

The cast (Shah Rukh Khan, Irfan Khan, Lara Dutta) together with some special apperances such as Deepika, Kareena and Priyanka makes the movie quite strong and already lessens the percentage of being a flop. If you are a regular viewer of my blog, you already know what i think about SRK’s himself and acting, so naturally i loved the movie but not only due to SRK. Irfan Khan is also very talented as per acting. He just lose and melt in his role forgetting real himself. I haven’t seen a Lara Dutta movie before (except a few videos on youtube) but i liked her as well. She looks pure, her facial expressions carry some kind of peace.  And of course the guests of the movie were breath-taking being both charming and sexy.

What else…

  • Topic of the movie was not so creative or interesting but motivating the humanly feelings to come to surface.
  • Costumes were really cool, especially the dresses Kareena wears during the Marjani part.
  • Songs are catchy. Accelarating the steps and the heartbeats. My favourite from this soundtrack is Mera Love Hit Hit -Highly Recommended.
  • During the scenes when SRK appears, i stopped both blinking and breathing 😆
  • And lastly, during the whole movie i wondered quite a lot what SRK feels when his fans fall off a tree branch and get hurt.

Overall, it is a nice movie, not a flop like Yuvraaj (Sorry Katty and Salman-ji :P). And my rate is 5/5.


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Today i would like to share another video of Shah Rukh Khan from the movie Phir Bhi Dil Hindustani…In this video you will find the extremes of romanticism and your love for King Khan will surely increase…well, at least this was what happened in my case:P

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At lasttttt at lastttt the letter which was sent for my birthday from New Delhi has just reached me today after almost 13 days!!! I was so looking forward to it because each letter sent by my friends from India has the traces of Shah Rukh Khan in a way or another 😀

Apart from wishing me for my belated birthday and placing some hindi sentences in between the lines together with their English counterparts as in the way i find it practical (:P), the letter was talking about King Khan as i guessed it….the parts with SRK were a bit tricky though 😀

Well i take this opportunity to thank New Delhi for the kind wishes sent to me, for the long letter written without feeling any boredom and for K-k-k-i-i-i-i-r-r-a-a-n-n saga included in it:)


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