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It happened again. Just for one second only but I got the same feeling. Shy sparkles coming out of my eyes, accelerated heartbeats, difficulty in breathing. It happened again. I felt the same love. It happened again. My soul got alive like a phoenix rising from the ashes. It happened again. Just for one second only.

Then a wave of regret without remorse shaded everywhere. Then the heart was dipped into cold. Then the soul was sentenced to dark. Then you went. Then i died…

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When I met you it was a hazy day

Being so far, you were impossible, people were to say,

On this grievous experience of love

I was ready though no matter what I had to pay.


Opening your warm arms with a soft smile on your face,

I was totally lost in this precious embrace,

Feeling safe hearing the music of your heart

I was reluctant to believe that love was just a race.


I walked in darkness for so long with blinded eye,

In every step I thought I overcame the mile

After discovering what you gave me was just fake,

I was left with a heart that didn’t know how to survive.


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