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Wanted1Another Sunday…showing the slight face of winter…slowly….shy yet impatient…hesitant yet brave…so sending the raindrops just before the water gets frozen and turns into solid cold….

Another movie to accompany me on this low yet peaceful day…”Wanted”. It has been weeks since i had seen a new Hindi movie so today decided to see one of the new releases of this year and picked up “Wanted” ,although i had always hated Salman Khan till now, because it was the only one with subtitles…

Till the movie begins i had no idea who is the heroine to dance with the item songs and soon i came to know it was Ayesha Takia whom i did not consider talented as well as she always seemed a little buxom so incapable of running on the golden sands or dancing on a cliff. However this movie turned my standards and prejudices all upside down!!!

Salman, whom i considered till now as ugly and irritating with a pile of useless muscles with his over confidence and so-called cool guy postures, proved in this movie to be really fit, funny in a witty sense, cute and smart under the scope of a role composed of some Terminator, Rambo or Rocky type fighter. I should confess this is his first movie from which i got impressed in real sense from both the comedy scenes and action scenes. And the most attractive side of his was “not interested in love” attitude although he was carrying a deep love in his deep heart 🙂

As for the Ayesha, i believe she must really have lost some weight because she was looking extremely fit and beautiful. And again unbelievably she was dancing quite well and acting quite cute. I don’t know how to apologize from both 😛

The movie was an action movie on the surface but some witty jokes, word games, mimics, and some specific scenes were also categorizing it as a comedy which i can truly say made me laugh at many times. The the songs were high-quality with hyper rhythm and melodious lyrics, my favourite being “Love Me Love Me” 🙂

I don’t wana disclose much spoiler regarding the topic line hence let me summarize the subject very shortly. A fearless man working with gansters only for money and nothing else. He is the one unbeatable person, an undefeatable terminator within the whole underworld. He seems to be a bad chap by behavior but an unknown mystery inside, and that is why the girl who falls in love with him cannot decide whether to keep loving him or to forget him. Beside this indefinable love story continuing on one side, there are these big murders of gangs and police forces on the other side to lead a big surprise in the end (which you will find out on seeing the movie) and our hero takes the best place on the center.

All in all i enjoyed quite much the cast, the story, and the songs hence it gets a 5/5 from me 🙂

P.S. Salman-ji and Ayesha-ji, please mujhe maaf kar do for not discovering you long before in many ways 😛

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