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Ok, i do love rain for sure…i do love walking under some mild drizzle…i do love watching the raindrops hitting the window or i do love sleeping while hearing the rain like a lullaby, yet it is so frustrating when it rains each time i have to go out and especially when i forget to take an umbrella with me!!

Today was one of those days. When i woke up, the weather was so nice with the sun up there smiling at the earth. It was quite hot as well so i dressed up in thin and light-colored clothes and went out without even considering the idea of carrying an umbrella since it is just the middle of summer in Turkey which means it is unlikely for the weather to change its face from shiny rays to wet drops.

After taking a few steps on the street, the sky suddenly changed  its colour, rain clouds just formed a dark shadow and just then i felt the first drops. Thanksfully i was so close to underground and took a shelter there while travelling at the same time. After taking an underground train and then a bus, i arrived at my target spot when it started to rain cats and dogs!

Till now i was still dry to my bones. That was a success. Big time!

On the return way to home, it kept raining but at least slightly. Still the tiny drops managed to form wet spots on my t-shirt and loosen my tightly tied hair which was really annoying. I was not safe any more (in the middle of a street without any shelter and an umbrella) neither dry! And finally when i came home, i  was all messed up by look and was so tired due to this fight with bad weather. I know it is not the mansoon waves floading everywhere but it was still wet and cold!

Meantime, weirdly i was attacked by some butterflies three or four times while walking under rain. That was really absurd because instead of seeking shelter not to have their wings broken, the buttterflies were just flying directly towards human beings. I hardly saved my eye from these slow yet unexpected moves of these delicate creatures.

From this adventure of mine,

Lesson 1: No matter what carry an umbrella against unforeseeable rain episodes.

Lesson 2: No matter what carry sunglasses against unexpected guests such as butterflies 😛

Lesson 3: No matter what still keep loving the rainy weather as it is the most undispensible componant of romance 😀

Let me finish my rain-full sentences with rain-full scenes.



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If you can’t be a shining sun-ray

sparkling on me,

At least be a grey rain cloud

and let your drops fall over me,

Shower my heart,

Refresh my spring…

Even if i can’t feel the heat of your love,

At least i can chill within your cold arms!

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Over Rainbow



Walking on the rainbow

Pacing the colors

Last drop of rain

Absorbed under the bare foot…

Feeling fresh like a new born baby

With a blank mind

to be filled unfortunately…

Following your steps

which are about to disappear

End of the road

Black is more black now

And i don’t know any other color…

Smelling the air

Your smell carried by wind

Passing by me

To some far-away countries…

Clouds surrounding me

You are out of sight


No color, no smell

No rain, no rainbow…

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