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It had been quite a tiring journey for her but thinking of her target made her forget all the distress going on for hours. When she was about to get on the plane, butterflies were moving their wings in her stomach, felt like a little kid on her first day at school. She kept imagining him, how he would meet her, whether he was excited just like her, whether he was impatient too…Yet she did not know the answers to any of these questions. This was the first time she had ever been abroad and she was told Ontario was really cold at this month.


Finally she got her luggage and managed to get out of airport. He was supposed to meet her at the gate outside. Her eyes started to go through every figure which did look like him. It seemed he had not arrived yet, so her impatience kept increasing with every minute spent while waiting. It had been one hour now and he was nowhere around. She dialed his cell number with hesitating fingers and she heard that routine female voice giving the bad news that his number was out of use. But how come?! She had called him last week to give the flight details; she had heard his sweet but manly voice just a week ago.


She felt helpless for a moment and was unable to think of what to do due to extreme panic. Then she sat on a bench and searched for something in her handbag. She took out her agenda and went through the pages with a fast move but her upset face showed she had forgotten to note down his address. Now her cheek had gone red, heartbeats accelerated and she started to sweat due the adverse event she was in. This must have been a nightmare, she would scream and wake up soon at a dark room but no; she was totally awake and aware of the situation.


She had almost lost all her hopes when a brilliant idea came to her mind. She took her cell out and began to scan all the names in the list and there it was…His home mate’s number was sparkling just in front of her like a unique stone. She felt as if she found some water in the desert. She dialed the number her inside thrilling and it started to ring. Those few seconds were like centuries to her. Then a strange voice replied:


-Hi, I am Fahad’s friend. I am at the airport right now. I called him but did not reach.

-Well, he is not at home.

-Ok, and his number does not work, you know any other number that I can contact him?

– Well, no I don’t know his new number.

– You mean he changed his number?!

– Yes. By the way who are you exactly?

– mmm I m his girlfriend, his fiancée actually. May be he told you about me.

-Hmmm. He did not mention about you. Where are you from?


– Ahan.

– Ok, but when will he be back home? Any idea?

– He won’t be.

– What do you mean?

– He went back to Pakistan for his marriage!

– What marriage?

– His fiancée was a Paki just like himself. And I guess this is a joke what you are doing right now….


She ended the call without saying anything further as she was unable to hear or speak. She was trembling. This was the only sign showing that she was alive; all other senses of hers were all gone. People kept looking at this stranger sitting on the bench hugging a medium-sized luggage. Some even asked her what had happened but she did not hear them, did not see them even.


When the night fell, she hardly managed to go to the reservation desk dragging her luggage behind, looked at the official with frozen eyes and said “Give me a ticket for Pakistan!”



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