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imagesLife is so strange…Sometimes i feel that we just draw a circle and start again again whatever we do or wherever we are…a vicious circle?

This week, we moved into another office again. This was for the third time in the past few years. Packing all the stuff into cartoon boxes and then re-arranging them fitting myself at my new desk, getting used to the new people and the environment…not easy neither simple at all! But under such a recession period, i am so much thankful that i still have a job which i love! 🙂

Luckily, i am all done now. Writing the first post of July at my new desk which i decorated with lots of photos, stickers, colorful pens and pencils, cute notepads and some tiny toys…yea yea i can hear you…it is not a “kinder garten”, it is an office but what to do…there is still a child inside:)

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th_Best thing known while working in an office without enough oxgyen for hours is to know that as of 5:30 pm it is weekend 😀 And the second best thing is to make plans for Saturday and Sunday despite it is still Friday 😀

 What can these plans be?!

  • Sleeping as long as you want without hearing an irritating alarm sound waking you up in the middle of a lovely dream…
  • Meeting friends whom you have not seen for ages due to your busy schedule and spending some nice time with them…
  • Going to cinema to catch up with the up-to-date movies which you missed recently…
  • Starting to read one of the books from which you made a pile on your desk buying frequently and reading rarely due to your tired eyelids every night…
  • Cooking delicious food instead of ordering fast food from outside…
  • Doing some cleaning reminding yourself you are a housewife at the same time (this is a must more than a plan though 😆 )

These are the first ones coming into my mind when i think of the weekend. We can enlarge the list adding a long-way travel, visiting relatives, doing shopping, etc. But it is your turn to tell me what is your plan for the weekend! 😀

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Dear Diary -Day 3

imagesDear Diary,

Lately i have a lot to share with you but unfortunately life does not have any time to share with me so i was a bit lack of time….Lets see what i have been up to lately….

1) I just removed the post (a short story again) thinking that it is not good enough. Reading once again i thought it is not up to my standards/type of writing…so i just removed it….

2) I m skipping number 2 as it is totally about my health which is quite a boring topic…and demoralizing…but good news choti is feeling much more better:)

3) Office is (yes i can hear you saying alltogether) busy and so stressful and so boring and so hard to manage and so and so and so blah blah blah…still i love my job as long as i can buy whatever i want:P


3) Recently as you may see from the movie reviews i watched the movie Twilight and i am still under some kind of spell (not bcoz of Edward but bcoz of good quality of the movie) 😛


4) I am not sure of the content of number 4. Lets skip it.

5) I am eating too much choclate and do not know how to quit it. I m scared of turning into a fattie choti soon..lol…is there anyone knowing some kind of diet for me? But it has to include chips, coke, choclates, ice-creams, banana buddings and piizzaaas, cheeseburgers, starbucks muffin, etc 😀

6) I love my friends:) Jas Khan, T. Kapoor, P. Singh, Fazzy (mera beta lol) and all…

7) I should practice speaking Hindi. Anyone volunteer with that? 😛

I guess that is all for now…Ahh again i listed many items which do not carry any meaningful part when looked outside but sure it does for me…



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Back to The Future!

Do not let the title mislead you! It is not a review about one of my fav. movie series by Michael J. Fox…It has nothing to do with any intellectual or show business; on the contrary, it is all about me..lol

More clearly, after a 9-day eid holiday, i am back to the office. Well, i have been involved in all the routine tasks since morning. Checked mails, made my schedule, made the urgent phone calls, revised the meeting times, etc…

Hmmm i should confess that it is slightly bitter to be here (i feel as if i am kidnapped by some strangers lol) but in general i cant deny i love being at my office…my computer, my stationary stuff, my ever-present tea on my desk, my bollywood-decorated desktop, everything and anything…i missed them all:D

So welcome me!!!

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Monday Mornings!

If a you are a friend of mine or if you know me by any chance, you must know that i hate monday mornings; if you havent heard it till now, then listen to me carefully now….I HATE MONDAY MORNINGS!

Reasons vary…i mean countless…

Initially, it is like a torture to wake up like 6 am or 6:30 am while i am in the middle of the my best dreams with shahruk khan (LOL) with the sound of a head-breaking/mind-blowing alarm.  I find it so difficult to open my eyes and meet a new day; i never find enough energy to do that on mondays…the bed seems warmer and more charming than before…attracting me more and more under the softyy quilty myhead dipping more into my yummyy pillow…

Ok, no matter what, lets assume i achieve to wake up in a way, next step is to find what to wear for the office with half sleepy mind…jeans? no way it is monday, a random t-shirt? no way i have a meeting, skirt? no way it is cold outside, pants? mm did i iron tht one? blahh blahh blahhhh….(thats y i started to prepare my clothes on the previous night as of this week..hehe)…

Okkk, lets assume i arranged the clothes, next problem is i don’t want to go outside:( i m one of those fortunate people who have the chance to go to office by walk! yep i dnt need to use bus, train or underground, i just walk to the plaza as it is nearby (actually it is a new thing as i moved into a new flat a few months ago)…however i feel too lazyyyy to go to office on mondays…

Anyways assume that i reach office, next question is my breakfast. What should i eat?! i hate eating at the very early mornings but if i miss the breakfast tht mean i wnt be able to eat till lunch..so i usually order breakfast, play with it for like 20 minutes, eat just half of it…i eat really less on monday morningsss….

Next step…monday morning meetings which start at 9:30 am…to be honest sometimes i catch myself while imagining about my weekend instead of concentrating on the agenda….i think about how good the movie was i saw on saturday, i feel excited about the new book i bought on sunday (Jane Austen – Sense and Sensibility)….tht y i drink tea teaaa teaaaaa during the meeting which lasts for like 2 and a half hour.

Then lunch…yummy food with a can of chilling coke…tht means i am wake now…

Simply and once again i hate monday mornings.

And do you wonder at which step i m now??? well it is stll 9:27 am but good news no meeting today:D

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A simple day, a usual place. I am sitting at a quite familiar desk (my desk at office) again. My headphones are murmuring some soft Hindi melodies in my ear. I have the chance to catch some glimpse of the sky from the corner of the window. Although I can see just a limited part of it from this angle, I can complete its vastness using my imagination as usual.


I was just about to go deep into my daydreams when I was interrupted by a mail in my inbox (business mail). At some points reluctance arises although I am quite passionate about my job in general.


After replying the mail, I am back to the sky. Now it is shaded by gray cloud masses flowing slowly in their track. Just a small tree branch is trying to block my view but it is too tiny yet. May be next year I will be watching this tree instead of the clouds.


Female voice is getting stronger in my ear, as if singing the song for me feeling all the agony running in my veins.


Soon I will be concentrating on the project to be completed this week. But before that I just feel disturbed as if something is incomplete. Can it be the feeling of nothingness prevailing after you?


P.S.: The picture is originally available at


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