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Dear Choti Writer Readers,

Please kindly be informed that i will be going on a summer vacation for 3 weeks as of tomorrow. I will try to check my blog time to time and follow other blogs as well on each occasion i find net connection, however i don’t think i will be able to update my blog this often!

A friend of mine just reminded me that it has been a year now since i started this blog…Time is flying away so quickly that i even couldn’t realize it has been that much…I plan to write 1-year celebration post on my return with flashbacks through the past evaluating what i have been going through the whole year with the support of all my readers and commentators 🙂

Ah! I should keep this post short as i have still a lot to do before i start my journey (i have a long checklist :P)…

Please do take care of my blog and don’t make her feel lonely while i’m away 😀 And of course miss me! 🙂




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wedding-photography-victoria-bcToday i went out to find a pair of shoes to go with my dress which i bought to wear at the wedding. I really do not remember how many stores i visited today but considering the fact that my feet hurt really a lot, i must have been to 12 stores at least…but no matter what at last i met my dream shoes…phew what a day it was…

Okay! Back to the subject matter of this post…I will be leaving the city to visit my hometown for my sister’s wedding (as some of you already know). I am leaving on Monday and will be back on 17th of December.

Hope you guys will miss my posts when i am away….

See you all with new topics soon…

Take care all…

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