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A British spice planter in South India (Hengry Moores), who seems quite ambitious on business. Henry’s lovely indian housemaid (Sajani), who sacrifies her whole life and pride for the sake of love. And Henry’s right-hand indian man called T.K., who is torn between his ideals and the traditions of his village.

Hengry comes to india for the construction of a road which has to be completed before the Mansoons. And T.K., who is an idealistic man, helps him in every step he takes. However, things started to change in a negative way once Hengry and Sajani find themselves in the middle of a secret and illegal love both being married with someone else. They feel intoxicated and blinded by the passion and the lust flowing through their veins. Although T.K. is quite aware of the bitter due results by their cast, he is able to express these facts neither to Hengry nor Sajani.

In this movie we are face to face with a deep love story on the surface, and at the background, you can see different life stories which are composed of struggle, passion, ambition, innocence, success and failure. You can also come across with some realities of the world such as cast system which has all the rights to verdict on human lives.

Breath-taking indian nature being at the back, in a beautifully-decorated scene, a passionate but a sad love story! As it is said, passion has its own price…

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