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2806676942686d63337eaq5It is almost midnight! I still feel the taste of latte I drank a few minutes ago sitting in front of a bookstore, watching the colorful front covers of the books and thinking at the same time about the movie I’ve just seen–Un Giorno Perfetto (Eng. A Perfect Day/ Tr. Mükemmel Bir Gün).

A divorced couple in Italy. The husband is obsessed with his ex-wife, so going under a psychological treatment to get rid of this extreme love (obsession) but it does not look so possible. The wife is trying to forget her husband and strugling hard to stand on her own feet taking care of her two children as well. A small son of theirs is totally innocent and half-aware of what is going around him. A teenage daughter of the same family is aware of everything and trying to initiate reconciliation between her mom and dad. Generally looking, each member of an already dissolved family tries to re-gain and maintain its own particles (bits of life)!

This movie gave me another chance to appreciate Ferzan Ozpetek once more. HE again put his signature under such a nice movie. Till now I have seen 6 movies by Ferzan Ozpetek (Which are Le Fate Ignoranti, Hamam, Harem Suare, Saturno Contro, La Finestra di Fronte and Un Giorno Perfetto), and they always left me in a stuation where it is like drinking a milky coffee with a small bar of dark choclate…feeling the bitter truths of life, still finding gaps where you are able to smile!


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Attention: Karz

Dear All,,,,

If you come across with the movie Karz by any chance, just run away and try to save your soul before it gets dirty with this bullshit and nonsense junk movie. Himesh is such a catastophe that after watching the movie you want to kill yourself…lol

The soundtrack is also cheap and useless without any emotion…

Seriously, keep away from this time-waste!!!!

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These days i have not been busy at all but i couldnt finish even a book or i did not see any movie due to my occupied state of mind. At such times, i dnt enjoy neither reading nor watching as the things in mind hinder one’s taste.

However, nothing much left from Sense and Sensibility and i have great quotes from this book to be shared with you very soon hopefully. And i got another movie on Wednesday called Premonition, and it is possible i can watch it tonight if i can come to my senses.

As for Bollywood,  still i m about to see Rehnaa Tere Dil Mein…My Indian friends say it is really a cute movie but i am not sure whther i can manage seeing an emotional movie without any tears..lol

I am dying to go back to my daily routine leaving aside everything troubling me… Ah, well, lets see…

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Safar-e Ghandehar

It is one of my favourite timepass to visit the huge book&DVD shop just near to my office…so most of the time after leaving the office, i just go and check some books and movies…Lately i saw this movie DVD (Safar-e Ghandehar), i took it from the shelf, i examined its cover, i read the exerpt and i placed it back on the shelf at least ten times. However, for a change, i purschased it at the weekend and watched it the very same day.

I dont know how to explain how striking the realities in the movie. Even some small, unimportant scenes brought tears to my eyes. It was a story of a hope owned by tired souls of Afghanistan. Devasted but hopeful hearts. It was different so i simply couldnt make up my mind what to or how to feel in various scenes.

In the movie, shortly an Afghan woman living in Canada is going back to Kandahar to save her sister who is at the threshold of committing a suicide. The woman is struggling with a dangerous journey, the bitter realieties she comes across in the middle of the road touch the audience’s hearts as well as hers. And the journey ends in an abrupt way leaving the audience with a riddle hard to solve despite many clues at hand!

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Quote of the Week

– what were you really doing there?

* Recharging, I am a robot

– Do you lie a lot?

*Depends what you consider a lot.

-Enough for people to call you liar

*I could say no, but how would you know I am nt lying?

– I guess I could choose to trust you!


From the movie “Garden State”

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I am sure almost all of you have heard about one of the famous books of Jules Verne which is Journey to the Center of the Earth. After this exciting and fantastic fiction now it is time to meet its fascinating movie with the leading cast Brandan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson and Anita Briem.

Although the story line has nothing new to give you apart from what Jules Verne given to the reader, and at the same time although it is away from the details hidden in the book, the technology applied in the movie is its main and foremost feature which promotes its popularity. The movie is a 3-D one which provides you with the effect of a strong reality taking you into the movie with all your senses. For example, when the hero spits on the screen, it is you to deal with it:D

All in all i can say i had a quite an exotic one and a half hour and i can strong recommend the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet!

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