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img_1588_devanand_suraiya_400_rs_200x150Why do we love people or why do we hate them? or Why do we hate someone whom we used to love before? Is it easy to switch between these feelings? or Do we need some strong pushing forces from love into hate? Why are we happy while we are with certain people while the presence of the others does not make any difference for us? Why do we get close to some people and why do we leave them behind later? What is the motive behind ignoring someone who used to be your top priority beforehand? How do we forget people? Is it by nature or do we force ourselves to forget them? What about the cliche “I cannot live without you”? How many of us did just survive instead of leading a cheerful life? How many of us did lose the sole source of happiness and get trapped in a vicious circle after losing some?


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Sometimes it is impossible to know whether we have someone or not, or if we have that someone, what is the degree of relationship between you and him/her. Here “have” does not mean owning the person like a random possession in our lives. It renders that “him/her” means us a lot, like if ever we have to lose that “him/her” we will feel as if we are killed….


Have you ever had someone you try to have with all your existence, with all your alive feelings, with a burning passion or with a childish innocence? If you had, then you will be able to figure it out how one feels after letting that “him/her” go away from your life; trying to protect at least the traces “he/she” left on your life, trying to refresh each and every memory with every passing day, trying to revive a smile or a lovely gesture by “him/her”; or a warm word as if it’s just said…


Consider the chain of people around your life once again and if you have such people who are still with you and you still “have” them, just hold them tightly because when they leave you behind by any reason the footsteps of “his/hers” mixing with the heartbeats of yours keep echoing in you forever!

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