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Updating Life!

mmmm lets see what i have been up to lately…..

mmm on a second thought…lets skip this post!


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Is it possible to remember a whole past by just a name? Can just a word accelerate the heartbeats out of nothing? Can’t the time heal all the wounds? If so, how much time do we need to recover totally? Or there is no cure at all?! How can one remember each and every detail as if they are just experienced or can someone forget everything in a second as if nothing had been shared at all?

I even won’t talk about the pain afterwards.

Any answers would be highly appreciated.


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I am tagged for the first time….

Well, something weird happened today…one of my overseas friend (Sree thts u lol) told me that he tagged me…first i didnt get wht he meant as i am quite new in this blogging world but he cleared the issue for me…i considered it as a game to decrease the feeling of torture…:D (mazak mazak)…

Here are the titles:

1) 6 whatever’s about me

2) 5 things i miss right now

3) 10 things i wana achieve in a decade

Well i wll try to meet the requirements but to be very honest i stll dnt know wht i ll get in return except facing myself in many ways…lol

And the sad thing is that i have no one to tag….lol

ok lets start>>>>>

6 whatever’s about me:

1) I love india…i m a great fan of indian culture and its cinema…i find all these colorful clothes (sareees), accesorizes (bangles, payels, ear-rings etc) and beautiful indian ladies with long black hair quite fascinating. When i think of india the first thing coming to my mind is bollywood and all those sad or happy love stories….sincere scenes reflecting the country’s culture itself, friendly athmosphere and awesome nature views….well i can wrte about india pages and pages so shortly, as in sung in Pardes “yeh mera india, i love my india”….:D

2) Writing is my big passion. i find very relaxing and satisfying to write about anythng and everythng and i feel happy when my writings find some readers…and when these readers like my writings!

3)I have a habit of daydreaming..lol i can imagine things all of a sudden, i can compose scenarios in my mind and get lost in them…hehehe

4) Every sunday afternoon i go to starbucks cafe to drink a cup of coffe latte (small size and hot) with a choclate chipped muffin (yummmy)

5) I watch at least 3 movies every week either hollywood or bollywood…

6) i dont like talking on phone, especially in English!

5 things i miss right now

1) i absolutely miss my parents and my hometown…since i live away from them…

2) i miss talking to one of my old buddies about anythng stupid or anythng meaningfull as we used to do in the past.

3) i miss the games i played with my cousins when we were tooo tiny to understand the world..lol…good old days!

4) i miss my tree where i used to sit on its highest branch and used to eat plum till i get pain in stomach (i guess i was a bit notty kid lol)

5) i miss fighting with my sister face to face, it is a bit difficult on phone…hehehe

10 things i wana achieve in a decade

1) to be a good and even professional writer and to publish my books

2) to act in a movie with Shah Rukh Khan 😀

3) to visit india (especially Taj mahal) and see each of my indian friends…

4) to go to Canada and to take a walk there on a snowy Sunday…

5) to go to Uk to meet my best overseas buddy there

6) to be able to speak fluent Hindi and Urdu and to refresh my German which i almost forgat…

7) to be able to watch a SRK movie in a big cinema screen which seems impossible in my country…lol

9) not to be too sensitive as it causes me to get hurt on every small disappoinment…

10) to participate in a traditional indian wedding

i guess i m done…phew..tht was really ummmmm realllyyyyy make me travel through my past… Srrreeee hope i satisfied the titles…lol

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Habit of Pain

Life is weird…Both astonishing with the every newcoming day and at the same time so familiar with the each passing day!
The act of “living” is so hard as well as being an easy baby-toy…Hard in the way that you have to face distrust, misuse, cheat, abuse, losing, missing, pain, tears, heartache, LOVE, backbite and many others which i even dont wanna mention; however, life is so easy for us-we, the human beings- as when you experience ONCE each one of them, then you are done…coz this so-called “long path” is just composed of the repetation of the same stuff…so when you fail ONCE, dont worry, just chill…coz when you will be failing for a SECOND time, it wont hurt that much…as the pain is to be habituated!!!


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Today while i was on the way to the office in the early morning after a-week vacation, this sentence was whirling in my mind. Seven big days when i could sleep like angels as much as i wanted, i did every possible free-time activity with a pleasure at peak, and i ate like little bear whole day (lol). But suddenly on the 8th day i had to get up at 6 am to catch up with the office routine. I compensated for the breakfast with a half bowl of cornflakes while thinking about the workload waiting for me!

One day before, one day after…what a contrast isn’t it?

When i stepped in the borders of the company, the usual familiar street doggy greeted me looking with wide-open innocent brown eyes; i told him “You should sleep while you have time.” He kept looking at me, i doubted he did not undertand me (lol). Then i went inside, took the lift, stopped at 7th floor, took a deep breath and opened the door to my routine but habituated, boring but necessary world; i kept a slight smile on my face while whispering my friend’s words to myself.

“Yes Eddy…this must be the bottom line!” (lol)

P.S. No matter what I love my job:)

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