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slumdogmillionaire_bestpicturei knewww itttttt….i knewwww itttttttttttttttt that this movie would rock the scenes and get the awards…yay!!!!

Today when i went to office my colleagues congratulated me saying that “your relatives got the award” as they consider me Indian rather than Turkish:P Now the DVD of the movie is being circulated in the whole office…Even the ones approaching hindi films with some kind of prejudice are asking from me to borrow it:D Ahhh it seems Turkish streets will be full of “Rahuls”, “Rajs”, “Simrans” or “Anjalis”  soon if i am to lend every favourite movie of mine:P

Oh by the way, i should say a few words about Rahman…well in fact what to say! What he creates is just awesome!

Apart from Slumdog Millionaire, Kate Winslet was my favourite with the movie The Reader and seems my wishes came true one by one when the topic is Oscar. I hope this “wish-realization” process can maintain its magic in other fields as well:)

And the oscar goes to ME, of course, as i was too successful at my guesses:P

P.S.: For the ones who want to read my reviews of Slumdog Millionaire and The Reader, please check here.

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storyOne day on the return of school a teenage boy (Michael) gets sick and has to get off his bus. He sits on the side of an aparment feeling worse, and a middle-aged woman (Hanna) helps him to get better and she accompanies him to his house. After being kept in bed for months Michael goes to visit Hanna with a bunch of flowers to thank her. Then suddenly an affair arises between these two. They cannot name it whether it is a love relation or just a physical relation to meet each other’s needs but no matter what, in time they get stick to each other more passionately.

Michale reads for Hanna different books and Hanna loves to listen to these books. This turns into a daily routine, reading some books just before making love. They spend a summer together. Now it seems they are inseparable until one day Hanna decides to move and get away from him.

When these two meet next, Michael is a law student in his twenties and Hanna is a defendant in her forties. Michael sees her from far away but never has the courage to be seen by her. At the end of the case, Hanna is found guilty. And meanwhile he discovers that Hanna is illeterate.

During her days behind the iron bars, Michael keeps reading for her at his own house. He records his voice and sends the tapes to Hanna. She loves them. And she starts to read and write as a result of her passion for books, for Michael and just to be able to send a letter to him. But she is never able to get a reply to her short but meaningful letters except already coming tapes.

And when these two meet next, Michael is in his forties and Hanna is quite close to death…

As i already mentioned in my previous movie reviews, i am a big fan of Kate Winslet, but my appreciation doubled for her after seeing this movie. She was awesome with her acting, fitting in every role, with her stand, look, the way she speaks, behaves…

The movie deserves a five star…and i strongly recommend everyone to see it…

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200px-revolutionary_road3 When i was going through the DVDs in the store yesterday, i was just struck by a movie not because of its title, front cover or it director but its actor and actress…Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio (my ever favourite couple) were meeting again on the wide screen since Titanic…and as I am a huge fan of the movie Titanic, i just bought the DVD without any hesitation. I picked it up today as my sunday movie. I started to watch. A few minutes passed, there was nothing to worth seeing, half an hour passed, there was still nothing to see. I am not saying Kate was acting bad ( I really appreciate her fitting in each and every role in very variety of movies and i am her fan i can say), i am not saying Leonardo was bad either because he was taking his role serious and he was well enough. However, there was something missing which i cannot express fully and satisfactorily. May be they were not as good as a couple in this movie as i had suited them in Titanic couple and they should have been just as i placed them…May be that was why i found the movie quite slow, dull, even boring.

It was about a married couple living in US with two kids. The couple was stuck between the realistic and unrealistic world. The realistic one was saying they should stay whereever they are, they should work in a routine, boring but well-paid job and they should pretend to be happy outside whereas the unrealistic world was saying let the dreams come true, they should pack all the stuff they have and should head to Paris to start a new life with fresh dreams. This was not that simple though!

The decision of not staying and the fear of change were forcing them to have fight each and every day and this was making the love between them fade away slowly…

Subject matter of the movie was quite catchy, and the movie has the brilliant leading cast…as i said may be it was just my mind categorizing the movie as boring as i captured this couple years ago as something else.

May be you should just see the movie, and let me know your own opinions:)

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As the title suggests, today i had the opportunity of watching “Sense and Sensibility” at last. I was lucky indeed since i was just in the middle of the book with the same name by Jane Austen and it would be a pleasure for me to be involved in both of them at the very same time…

I will not mention here about the book yet (Penguin Red Classic is available to me) as i am at the very beginning of it but i should express that i am delighted to see the movie…The leading cast was pleasing as well including Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet…

The story of the movie is basically about two sisters, Marianne and Elinor, who have been in search of true and esteemed love for so long, getting through very painful experiences of being young and in love and finding the happiness at the very end…

During the watch, it raises the question of Why are the most irresistable men always the most unsuitable?” and perhaps you will find the answer!

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