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After completing the first 3 seasons of the TV serial LOST, i had given a long break before starting the season 4…then last night while thinking what to do lazily, it just came to my mind that the LOST people were still lost and i was the one to solve the mystery:) So once again i took a deep breath and made my sofa more comfortable before this thriller wrapped me for hours…

Needless to say i am a LOST fan, but it is necessary to mention that above all i am a huge fan of Sawyer (Josh Holloway)…He has a stubborn, naughty and even irritating personlity but deep inside he has such soft heart and above all he is dashingly handsome!!! People either love him or hate him…no gray areas for him….

If you want to have thrilling time with a group of lost people on a mysterious island struggling to survive and meanwhile (as a bonus) if you want an eye-candy (which is Sawyer :D), then get ready to be a member of the LOST world!!! 



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