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Is there anyone who does not know yet┬áthat i love tags? Tell me tell me…is there anyone? ­čśŤ Let me thank lady BlueMist for today’s tag, which┬áis in a way different from the previous ones i was tagged. As a member of the chain all i have to is to┬áopen my first photo┬áfolder,┬áto scroll down to the┬á10th photo and to post it here together with the story behind it. Sounds easy, short and enjoying, doesn’t it? ­čśÇ

Here we go!


Well i don’t have an interesting story to relate it…It is┬áa view of Istanbul from the┬áBosphorus. You know Istanbul is famous for its bridges connecting Asia and Europe, and i had taken this photo last summer (July) on a shipboard between two continents. It was such a lovely day, i had fully enjoyed the sun and the refreshing smell of the sea and the shopping time with my husband┬áafter we landed on┬á­čśÇ

Well now i have to tag some other┬áblog members┬áhere but i guess i will leave this tag open to everyone…anyone┬ávolunteer just pick it up and leave me a message…i would┬álove to see some┬áother photos ­čśÇ

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DSC01797The office was too busy today (which has been the case most of the time)…Everyone was working like hard-working bees (including me) as if trying to make the most delicious honey or like ants as if getting prepared for winter in hurry…No matter how much work we did till noon, everyone was thinking of the lunch which would be a gathering of our department at a sea-side restaurant across the Bosphorus.

Everyone was so chic like a princess (including me) wearing her best dress to look gorgeous in the ball.

As soon as the the clocks of PCs showed the noon with their silent alarms, we DSC01817rushed to cars to get on the way as soon as possible. When we reached there, it was really worth it. The view of the Bosphorus was just breath-taking. I took a few photos to share with you but they don’t reflect its real beauty in fact. Still you can have an idea at least. On such days, when i am face to face with the inner beauty of ─░stanbul, i can’t help thinking that it is like a living city with a soul observing all the people taking shelter┬áunder its roof…

After getting seated and served with so many delicious dishes, the delight surrounding our minds and hearts just doubled. After eating up everything to the end, filling our noses with the smell of sea, listening to the music┬ágiving┬á┬ásome mystical athmosphere to the environment, drinking our Turkish coffee to keep the last unforgettable taste on our tongues, the most difficult thing was to be able to go back to office to finish the incomplete tasks. But we achieved to return with smiling faces and worked happily ever after ­čÖé

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The ones who read my previous notification already know that i was on a business trip for 2 days, and at last i am back at home:) The consecutive meetings were held at a hillstation (approximately 1 hour away from İstanbul city center) in its fantastic meeting rooms. The place was like a village with a variety of facilities like tennis court, play ground, horse-riding area, club, restaurant, swimming pool, etc.

The meetings were found quite fruitful at the end, and in breaks we just enjoyed the environment and the peaceful view surrounding us. I took quite a lot of pictures and i will just place here a few of them as an example.

The wooden swing i got seated and swung almost for hours.

Beutiful fowers surrounding the whole area.

Vast green areas giving the business minds some peace.

A small part of the play ground. (Bas mere liye=P)

The poor kitty disturbed by us.

My room, i shared with one of my friends.

The fire we sat around and ate pop corn whole night…

Well, if you are looking for me in the pictures, you cannot see as i was hiding:P

Shortly, although i am a tired blogger right now, i can clearly say i spent an awesome time in these two days!

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