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I am so happy to share the first award of this blog which has been recently distributed by Sree, my craziest blog friend 😀 Thanks a lot buddy 🙂 But before accepting this kind award there are certain rules i should follow…

The Rules are:

First you should write a post telling about the award itself, the name of the blog owner who considers you to be one deserving it, and his/her link. Then you should select minimum 7 blogs whom you think that he/she deserves this award too by the design or the content of his/her blog. So Mention 7 people leaving comment on their blog informing them about the award. Lastly list 10 honest things about you and you are done! 🙂

Here we go:

1-I concentrate on my work much better when i listen to Udit Narayan or Sonu Nigam (Does it sound weird?) 😀

2- I eat a chocolate bar every day at 3 pm in the afternoon with a cup of tea or coffee which keeps me alive during the rest of the day!

3- I have a notepad where i collect various quotes i read in books or notice here and there; i note them down together with the date of the day and then i like to read them like a real diary…

4- My friends use always nicks while talking to me instead of my real name such as panda, auntie-ji, beti, beta, choti, ISD, Hazzy, Tini Mini, etc. I am sure most of them already forgat my real name 😀

5- I am a FarmVille addict!

6- I love mailing and receiving mails from friends all over the world…hearing about different lives, knowing about different personalities makes me more and more curious about everything in this world and this curiosity keeps me happy most of the time 🙂 (Ok you can mail me too…i dnt mind 😛 )

7- I see nightmares almost every night and wake up by screaming and that is why i keep naming myself as Melinda Gordon 😛

8- I am as slow as a turtle at reading and i don’t know whether it is coz of the limited time spared for reading or of my lazy nature.

9- While working and when i am densely concentrated sometimes i murmer in Hindi and that makes my Turkish colleagues to look at me in fear 😀

10- I have no idea why but i have difficulty in remembering the Hindi counterpart of the word “Brain” in English. And even right now i am still not sure whether it is Bheja or something like that 😛

Phew….that was not easy! Now it is time to find the victims yet i will make a rule violation and will nominate only 3 people instead of 7. I have many blogs i strictly follow and find quite magnificant yet i don’t have a fluent communication with many of them hence will go for the ones i am often visited by. Hope Sree won’t scold me for the violation 😛

Best of luck 😀

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