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I did it again…I could not stop myself…and i bought another handbag although i do not know the exact number of handbags i have at home!

My reasons to get a new one are as in the following:

  • Its color just caught me and did not let me go as i did not have a purple one previously.
  • Its price was relatively cheaper 😀
  • I was so bored and wanted to make myself a bit happy so shopping seemed the only easy way to do this :p
  • The flower desing on the front side of the bag was so cute.
  • And lastly, even my sister would love it:D

Here is the bag itself…it is not the first nor will be the last one in my wardrobe…it turned out to be a habit of mine. Even my friends who know about this addiction started to buy handbags for me. I don’t know how to get rid of this habit as i don’t have any more money to spend on it, i don’t have any spare area to store the bags either. So i am open to any advice to stop it or to provoke it more 😀

Here is the bag itself. Hope you like it as much as i did…


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