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gangaajal-2003My Sunday movie was one from Bollywood named Gangaajal with the leading actor Ajay Devgan. Although i am not a big fan of Ajay, considering his acting skills, i thought to go for this movie and clearly i didn’t regret it.

The movie is basically about a Superintendent Police (SP) who has been recently sent to Tejpur in Bihar on duty. After a short discovery around, he soon finds out that Tejpur is a place where folk is supressed by the cooperation between the police forces (misusing their duties) and the bandits of the place itself who have all the money so the power.

The new SP (Amit Kumar) stands up and fights against those evil people who have been ruling Tejpur people by threatening, torturing, stealing, deceiving. Now Amit Kumar is the only man standing on their way!

The movie takes its name from a way of punishment developed with some furious people whose only target is to revenge, to punish, to reveal their anger; and this way is nothing else apart from smashing people’s eyes and burning them with gangaajal (acid).

This is just one of the incidents to be inspected and prevented by Amit Kumar. And he is supposed to deal with more than this! Whether Amit wins the battle or he is removed from the way just like others is a mystery to be solved by you after watching the movie:)

I rate this movie as 4/5 as it is a bit long and too many repetitions there are on the same stuff. However, Ajay’s acting and the topic-basis surely worth watching.

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