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Little Pickle!

Dinner time around 7 pm…i am trying to set the table patiently after a tiring day at office (as usual)…Plates, forks, spoons, bread, deliciously-cooked dishes (of course by me)…everything is ready now…although i don’t like much, i am feeling like eating some pickle… i opened the fridge to get the pickle jar….opened its lid and chose one among many…and i got shocked!!!

The one i selected and separated from his friends looked so sad to me…i thought i should send him back to the jar but then i have to choose another one…so what is the difference…i carried on and put him onto a plate…he looked more sad this time like ready to cry…i decided that i can’t eat it ­čśŽ

i called my husband and showed the little pickle to┬áhim…he just laughed and said “Don’t worry, he will feel fine in my stomach”…still i wasn’t comfortable┬áconsidering little pickle’s down looks…then he took place on the table and i tried┬ánot to look at him during the dinner time…and when┬ámy eyes searched for him┬áthe next time, he was already gone ­čś«

Little┬ápickle….rest in peace…

Oh by the way i kept a small┬ámemory of him…now it is up to you┬áto decide how would you react after seeing such a cute and sad pickle coming out of a jar!


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