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379,http_%2F%2Fa323.yahoofs.com%2Fymg%2Fbetterhomesgardens%2Fbetterhomesgardens-377900843-1164252051.jpg%3FymWaVrAD9yEFriends, true friends, are very important and precious for us, right? And it requires a very hard-work to earn a true friendship and to maintain it, right? And there are invisible separators between colleagues, acquintances, friends and best friends, right? I am asking all these questions because i started to put my friendships under scope one by one as i have been very lonely lately although i have many friends/best friends!

Sometimes you go through many things in life and you share them with your mothers, fathers, sisters and husbands…but you still feel incomplete without sharing it with your best friends, right? Lets have a closer look to my gang (best friends). One fell in love lately and now she is totally blind and closed to outer world. Another is like a ghost for a week or so, God knows which trekking team he joined again or which girl he is hunting 😛 Another is being a businessman, he is extremely busy. Another is married with children so she is always occupied and she has no time for others. Another kindly told me that he doesn’t have time so our friendship is just restricted to “Hi” and “How are you?” mails.

Sometimes i feel that i choose wrong people as a friend as i consider them faulty and other  times this situation makes me feel that i don’t know how to maintain a friendship and that hurts me deep.

Still as Martin Luther King Jr. suggests,

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends!

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Today is the birthday of a friend whom i lost long time ago. Our meeting was just a matter of chance life puts forward for most of us and losing his friendship was a matter of fate where chance simply stays back.

Being social by nature, human beings tend to have too many acquaintances among which only some are called as “true friends”. He was one of them, one of those people whose number does not exceed the fingers of a hand.

We did not spend plenty of time together, yet every single minute he provided to me brought a life experience for me. He showed me the face of a good personality yet at the same time gave me the glimpse of a bad person so that i would be prepared in life against them.

He gave me countless hopes yet taking them back one by one in time showing that life does not always give us what we want.

He was there for me most of the time when i need to share a smile or just a cry still being invisible for the other times making me realize that sooner or later we will lose our close ones no matter how bitter the truth is.

He was a model for me to be ambitious in life but also he taught me to let go the things as nothing should be taken too much serious after all life was just a temporary phase, a play where we all act!

Sometimes he was too serious, that was the cold face of life, other times he was a total joker teasing me all the time trying to show me what things i should take serious and pay attention, what other things i should ignore and take easy.

Fighting was our biggest timepass…times spent by discussing, quarrelling, yelling, getting angry or frustrated…but next time we met, we were just two little kids trying to apologize and feeling shy at the same time, which showed me we should of course struggle for what we believe in, for our truths yet we should seek a way to establish peace no matter who is wrong/right.

Sometimes he was disappearing for days, weeks, even months and on his return each time i showed too much anger but now i understand he was just teaching me the feeling of “missing”.

He showed me that in every tear drop there was a story to hear, in every smile there was a feeling waiting to be shared, in every word there was a promise to be fulfilled, in every disappearance there was a return to be expected, in every happy moment there was a wish to keep it forever, in every person there was a life to live…

And for me in every friendship there is him to seek…

Today is a birthday of a friend whom i lost long ago. Most probably he will never see this post, less probably he will see the post but will ignore it. Still;

Thank you for your friendship even if it lasted for a short while…

Thank you for the experiences you helped to pile in my life…



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Dear Diary -Day 3

imagesDear Diary,

Lately i have a lot to share with you but unfortunately life does not have any time to share with me so i was a bit lack of time….Lets see what i have been up to lately….

1) I just removed the post (a short story again) thinking that it is not good enough. Reading once again i thought it is not up to my standards/type of writing…so i just removed it….

2) I m skipping number 2 as it is totally about my health which is quite a boring topic…and demoralizing…but good news choti is feeling much more better:)

3) Office is (yes i can hear you saying alltogether) busy and so stressful and so boring and so hard to manage and so and so and so blah blah blah…still i love my job as long as i can buy whatever i want:P


3) Recently as you may see from the movie reviews i watched the movie Twilight and i am still under some kind of spell (not bcoz of Edward but bcoz of good quality of the movie) 😛


4) I am not sure of the content of number 4. Lets skip it.

5) I am eating too much choclate and do not know how to quit it. I m scared of turning into a fattie choti soon..lol…is there anyone knowing some kind of diet for me? But it has to include chips, coke, choclates, ice-creams, banana buddings and piizzaaas, cheeseburgers, starbucks muffin, etc 😀

6) I love my friends:) Jas Khan, T. Kapoor, P. Singh, Fazzy (mera beta lol) and all…

7) I should practice speaking Hindi. Anyone volunteer with that? 😛

I guess that is all for now…Ahh again i listed many items which do not carry any meaningful part when looked outside but sure it does for me…



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Special Thanks…

best_friends_finalJust before starting the main post, i have to state that any view or opinion included in this post has nothing to do with the “friends from social environment” or the “friends from industial environment”. As this space, blogsphere, is an online place where we the bloggers and the blogger-related people meet in a way or another, so the content of this post will be merely about my online friends.

Entering my life, reflecting their own personalities, knowing about mine, sharing things and bits from life, they added in my life…(no matter the bond is a long term or short term)…Here i want to mention a few names:

Mirta: Miss Texas. My friendship with her started on a bollywood forum. My love for shahrukh khan and hers for Vivek Oberoi made us come closer rather than being rivals:D I kind of left the forum but i still contact her as much as my time lets me. I still laugh at our orange garden…I m so happy to know such a cute lady….Thank you Mirta for being my friend!

Mr. Gogia: Aka Rishi Mishi. He is the most patient person I have ever met. Whenever you need a shoulder he is always ready saying Main hoon na….When you act stupid, he acts stupid to make you feel smart; when you act smart, he again acts stupid to make you feel special but in the background he always make you feel that he is one of the most intelligent kind. Friendly, understanding, with a soft heart even to cry for you, always kind…indeed my adjectives are not as significant as his real characteristics. He is the one i can trust blindly. So Rishi Mishi thank you!!! (I know you hate when i thank you but hey i m trying to be polite:D).

Sree: It hasnt been much since i knew him, he is also a blogger (a rocking one)…He has been the only one who showed a real interest in my writings, always encouraging me displaying his support with each comment he made…He reads each and every thing on my blog making me happy (as he knows i love it when my writings are read). I cant deny he was the inspiration on maintaining this blog although I decided to remove it many times. Mr. Bug Hunter Thank you soo much:D

H.A.:Mr. Africa. Our friendship started suddenly as if i knew him for years. He sounds and even seems so familiar. We have too many things in common that makes me more comfortable. He is joyful, sensible, sensitive (like me), caring and really polite. I believe a strong and admiration-deserving personality lies beneath. I like teaching him any language…lol. He is still not sure whether my mother tongue is Turkish, English or Urdu…hehehe and i m not gona tell him….Thank you Mr. Africa:D

Faraz: Well i cannot mention the name of last one as he is the man of secrecy…He doesnt like to be famous :p All i can say about him is that he is like a family to me yet he is not aware of it. Or may be i am not aware that he is aware but not minding it…lol…

Ahem ahem this one had to be updated due to the extreme desire of him about being famous. But if i start to write about him it may take a few days as he changes mood per day (just like me). Let me summarize: He is smart, bilkul friendly, really cares for his friends (not for me lol), ambitious, hard-working, you can share anythng with him as he is very good at keeping secrets, he is stubborn most of the time, love fighting with me (in a teasing way i hope), has decent character and a soft soul…At times he is like a little kido seeking care, at other times he is like a perfect adult thinking and talking serious, he loves cracking jokes on people and making them laugh, it feels really nice to spend time with him (if you have the chance to get his time). A honest person with a brave heart in short. Thank you for being my friend!

Thats all for now…Time to time updates/additions may take place…

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