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Nowadays I am so carried away from the reality in a world of books, the last one being “Firarperest” by Elif Shafak. Shafak’s books are just like freshly baked desserts always appealing my taste in a way or another! Her being my favourite female writer in Turkish literature, time to time i tend to google her to know more about her, to see what her pluses are comparing with other writers, or to find a way out when i am densely lost in thoughts about how to be a good writer!

During these searches, i came across her official website, which is available both in Turkish and English, and contains short reviews of her books, her bibliography, interviews with her published in various newspapers and articles penned down by her every week in a Turkish newspaper…There is also a section where you can drop messages to her (although she is not able to check her mails regularly, surely someone replies the reader-mails – -proven by experience ; )

For those who like her style and to get to know more about her, this site is a well to dig deeper!

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Twitter is a site which i rarely use since i believe that it is useless unless there exists a spesific purpose such as promoting something that you are into, let it be a site, a book, a place, etc. Otherwise i don’t think anyone would be interested in what i’m doing at the moment (May be i’m wrong about it, and if this is the case, please enlighten me!)

However, yesterday twitter became one of my favourite sites as i came across Elif Shafak’s page on it by chance. Following her on Twitter (not what she eats and drinks but what she writes and reads) seemed so charming to me as she is my role-model as a writer, and the best event of the day was the news that her new book “Firarperest” had now taken its place on the shelves (in Turkey). Hearing that my mouth became so watery to get it ASAP! (ASAP = As soon as possible here has the meaning of ‘as soon as my twins let me’). 😀

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