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I have always been a fast food fan till now let it be a cheeseburger, french fries, onion rings, pizza or fried chicken (i mean Burger King, Pizza Hut, Kentucky, etc), but suddenly on the last weekend i decided to be more careful about my daily diet and my aim was to be more healty rather than looking like a super model 😛 So i cooked some local dishes which are composed of vegetable basically and i prepared a cold salad made up of some tomato at the base, parsley, maize, walnut, lettuce and fried cheese on the top which were mixed with a little bit salt and pure olive oil. And no need to say it was really yummylicious 😀



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I do not know how many times i promised myself to eat healthy food only leaving the fast food and acidic drinks aside. Today it was one of those days. When i woke up i had a light breakfast and for dinner i cooked only vegetables. During lunch time i was so hungry that i was stuck between eating pizza+coke and having just some light snack. At last i decided to invent my own light food which is composed of yoghurt, wheat, cornflakes, dry fruits and walnut. It was quite delicious as well as being nutritive 😀


Doesn’t it seem quite appetizing? Apart from being delightful, it also made me overcome my desire for a huge extravaganza pizza. I do not know for how many days i can maintain without any fast food, coke or some heavy dessert but considering the summer is at the door, i should think of myself much more now, right? 😆

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