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Please do not miss in the video slight but heart-taking smiles by Dev Anand and extreme speed of the dancing girl…i don’t know why i am always stuck with details:D

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I just found out a video yesterday while making some searches about bollywood as usual… Tasveer Tere Dil Mein from the movie Maya (1961)…The song was sung by Lata and Rafi, my ever lasting favourite duet couple, however the striking thing for me was the actor and the actress who were making a playback of the song…The actor’s (Dev Anand) glance at the girl whom he loves, his romantic gestures trying to steal his lover’s heart, his warm and soft attitude were just awesome…The actress (Mala Sinha) was also calm, mild and was in love as well…

Well As I dnt know hindi or urdu I didnt get any idea wht the song was telling about but what i read in their eyes was real “love” …

For the ones who wana see the video, plz click the below link…



Mala Sinha

Dev Anand

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