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 I am quite aware and very sorry about that i could not drop even a single line in my blog the whole week due to various reasons…

Firstly, you know i have  a busy schedule at work but this week has been/will be extraordinarily busy which made me to feel exhausted and hit the bed at around 8 pm and finish the rest of the day in my dreams:P

Secondly, i am suffering from toothache for a week and i am under a treatment once in a week which also takes from my already limited time (and tortures me as i am extremely scared of dentists :x)

Thirdly, today is the birthday of my dearest husband so i was busy with planning and getting some gifts for him (which is the only good event within the whole day). Oh, let me take this opportunity to wish him once more from my lovely blog area as well 😀

Hello Mr. Choti, i wish you a very happy birthday…long and healty life with all your beloved ones ME coming in the first place of the order:P Hope all your wishes come true…Oh, by the way did you open your gifts? 😛

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