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Lonnngggg time ago there was a girl called Choti who was blogging about anything that makes sense or non-sense to her, she was also quite fond of watching Bollywood movies and talking about them yet she gave a lonnngggg break suddenly both to watching the movies and blogging about them; as far as i heard she had good reasons for this silent time of hers. Some said she seeked multifariousness and finally got it while others were claiming that she was on an unknown mission (even she did not know what the mission was).  Not the reason but the result counts for us, and the result is that she is back to screen 😛 Let’s have a look what she found lately!

Karthik Calling Karthik:

Main Cast: Farhan Akhtar (as Karthik) and Deepika Padukone (as Shonali Mukherjee).

Short Summary (without spoiler): In the first half it talks about how Karthik (an introvert, miserable, cowed, clumsy person) turns out to be a smart, charming, extrovert, talented and successful one via phone calls he gets regularly everyday at 5 am from a mysterious person who claims to be Karthik himself. In the second half the person behind these unknown calls is revealed in quite a surprising way. And the relation between Karthik and Shonali finally gets the shape of love.


Track # Song Singer(s) Duration
1 Uff Teri Adaa Alyssa Mendonsa & Shankar Mahadevan 5:06
2 Hey Ya! Clinton Cerejo, Shankar Mahadevan 4:17
3 Jaane Ye Kya Hua KK 4:10
4 Kaisi Hai Yeh Udaasi Kailash Kher & Sukanya Purayastha 6:07
5 Karthik Calling Karthik Suraj Jaggan, Shankar Mahadevan, Caralisa Monteiro 3:11
6 Karthik 2.0 MIDIval Punditz, Karsh Kale 4:15
7 Uff Teri Adaa (Remix) Alyssa Mendonsa, Shankar Mahadevan & Loy Mendonsa 4:06
8 Hey Ya! (Remix) Clinton Cerejo, Shankar Mahadevan 5:17
9 Karthik Calling Karthik Theme Remix MIDIval Punditz, Karsh Kale 3:11

(Soundtrack List from Wikipedia)

How Do I Like It : The first half was quite dull, dragging the audience to the borders of impatience. In the second half, it just gets a little speed yet without blowing any wind. The only remarkable point is when the mysteries are found out.

Rate: 2.5/5

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love-aaj-kal-1A tired mind and a slightly sick body (caught cold unfortunately) was thinking for a Friday night action as Friday is the best day of the week which is not to be wasted no matter how much tired or sick you are! Unfortunately at certain times, our metabolism (triggered by a laziness or a down-feeling) causes us to stay at home even on a Friday night, and at these times best way to enjoy oneself is to pick up a right movie for your soul which is already in search of an amusement in such a stressed life flowing always in hurry!

After watching a series of Shahrukh Khan movies such as Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, Karan Arjun and Anjaam, i was really in need of a modern bollywood story with a fresh screen (I am still the biggest fan of SRK, that is an another debate 😀 ). There was the movie on my desk resting in silence for a day named “Love Aaj Kal” so i decided to go for it. I didn’t go for a search on net before seeing it as this time subtitles were available in English (unfortunately the subs were not matching the scenes, which i realized later on!).

Soon i discovered Saif Ali (the funny guy of bollywood) and Deepika Padukone (popularized by the movie Om Shanti Om thanks to SRK) were the leading cast. The movie was proceeding in two different times: the past and the present. Both telling about a love story embedded by some bollywood items. In the past, the relation between Jai Varhdan Singh and Harleen Kaun is so pure, simple yet strong and stubborn while the bond between Veer and Meera is modern, or rather post-modern even to have a break-up party, superficial and weak to split off at any moment.

love-aaj-kal01However, things start to change their interface and the so-called hollow love soon proved itself as deep as a sea that is only to be waken up by a stone thrown from the shore! 

Saif Ali was as cool and funny as ever and Deepika was looking so like a delicate butterfly. I loved the scenes where she was acting as drunk so behaving more like a naughty kid. And yea i should say i love her clothes, whatever she wears just fits on her (which is hard not to envy 😛 )

What is to get from the movie is sometimes even if the truth is just lying in front of our eyes, we may not be able to see it with the eyes of our mind yet the heart sees everything in real, so that the love can be felt as true as a heartbeat!

I rate the movie as 4/5 as it is lack of a catchy soundtrack (we all know that item songs are quite important in a bollywood movie, don’t we?) yet still it worths more than watching…Let yourself get lost in it 🙂

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i am so happy that i got the chance to see Billu Barber so early as it is almost an impossible dream to obtain hindi movies so easily and early for me (reason is we do not have a bollywood cinema in Turkey plus there is such a low possibility to find a Bollywood movie in a DVD store…yea i can hear you saying unlukcy you:x).

Well i won’t go into the subject matter of the movie considering that you  must already have read countless reviews on some other blogs or sites. So to save you from another “repeat-read”, i just want to share my opinions about the movie.

The cast (Shah Rukh Khan, Irfan Khan, Lara Dutta) together with some special apperances such as Deepika, Kareena and Priyanka makes the movie quite strong and already lessens the percentage of being a flop. If you are a regular viewer of my blog, you already know what i think about SRK’s himself and acting, so naturally i loved the movie but not only due to SRK. Irfan Khan is also very talented as per acting. He just lose and melt in his role forgetting real himself. I haven’t seen a Lara Dutta movie before (except a few videos on youtube) but i liked her as well. She looks pure, her facial expressions carry some kind of peace.  And of course the guests of the movie were breath-taking being both charming and sexy.

What else…

  • Topic of the movie was not so creative or interesting but motivating the humanly feelings to come to surface.
  • Costumes were really cool, especially the dresses Kareena wears during the Marjani part.
  • Songs are catchy. Accelarating the steps and the heartbeats. My favourite from this soundtrack is Mera Love Hit Hit -Highly Recommended.
  • During the scenes when SRK appears, i stopped both blinking and breathing 😆
  • And lastly, during the whole movie i wondered quite a lot what SRK feels when his fans fall off a tree branch and get hurt.

Overall, it is a nice movie, not a flop like Yuvraaj (Sorry Katty and Salman-ji :P). And my rate is 5/5.


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