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 Do you believe in coincidences? Well i do…at least I started to do after reading this short but rich-in-content book!

The Red Notebook consists of 4 sections which are 1)The Red Notebook 2)Why Write? 3)Accident Report 4) It Don’t Mean a Thing and all telling about the coincidences in life which are frequently ignored or not paid attention by most of us. The content is based on facts, real events from the writer’s or his friends’s lives/experiences which are narrated by himself like a fictive short story captivating the reader.

The attracting part is the one where he explains simply yet strikingly how he became a writer, what the basic motive behind this decision…One night after a baseball game, he has a chance to get the autograph of his favourite baseball player, but unfortunately neither the player nor himself has a pen at the time. He keeps asking everyone around for a pen but he cannot find and fell into a helpless situation since his dream player is just in front of him but he cannot take even an autograph. The player says sorry and leaves the stadium leaving him behind helpless. Being a 8-year old kid with a devastated heart at the time, Auster cannot supress his tears and keeps crying all through the way home. Since that night he never goes out without carrying a pen in his pocket not to get caught unprepared again. He says he never plans to do anyhing with the pen he carries, but having a pen in your pocket, most probably one day you will feel like using it. That is how i became a writer he mentions.

In The Red Book, Paul Auster puts forward how the chain of coincidences plays an important role in our lives no matter we are aware of it or not and events are kind of connected to one another  even though we cannot realize it at the first glance.

I read the book in Turkish. I liked especially its simplicity. Simple, random, every-day events are narrated in such a way that keeps the reader captivated and appreciating till the end. So deserves a 5/5!

P.S.: In the bookstore I bought also a film magazine together with THE RED NOTEBOOK and soon i realized the giveaway of the magazine was a red notebook in which i already started to take notes:)

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It was the time when the high-heeled shoes started to hurt her feet, yet she did not feel like giving up shopping. Randomly, she entered another store to buy a pair of shoes—of course red—After changing her shoes and feeling such a relief on her feet, she decided to go to the bookstore to get the books she ordered last week.

While she was careful with her accelerated steps, she was checking the book list at the same time. Her extreme care with her walk did not prevent her from dashing against someone. Now her shopping bags were everywhere. She frowned and kneeled down to gather her stuff without paying attention to the person, who was now also kneeled down across to her. There was no sorry, no excuse, no help offer from his side. He just stood still even without blinking.

She stood up saying sorry herself but he was still on his knees. She heard him saying “Forgive me!” She said “No problem as long as we are not hurt, right?” She was still busy with her shopping stuff. He repeated “You should forgive me.” Then she came to recognize his voice and looked at him. The very same person who had made her fall in love with himself, letting her be deceived by him, then moving ahead into another life leaving her behind without making even a brief explanation.

He repeated for the third time, “Please forgive me, and let me explain, please.” There was the familiar anger in her eyes. Without pausing between the words, she said, “You are my past, yet you ruined my present, now let me catch up with my future.” Then she turned her back and kept walking, letting the man remain on his knees.

He did not know whether she ever forgave him or not, nor did she!

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