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th_Best thing known while working in an office without enough oxgyen for hours is to know that as of 5:30 pm it is weekend 😀 And the second best thing is to make plans for Saturday and Sunday despite it is still Friday 😀

 What can these plans be?!

  • Sleeping as long as you want without hearing an irritating alarm sound waking you up in the middle of a lovely dream…
  • Meeting friends whom you have not seen for ages due to your busy schedule and spending some nice time with them…
  • Going to cinema to catch up with the up-to-date movies which you missed recently…
  • Starting to read one of the books from which you made a pile on your desk buying frequently and reading rarely due to your tired eyelids every night…
  • Cooking delicious food instead of ordering fast food from outside…
  • Doing some cleaning reminding yourself you are a housewife at the same time (this is a must more than a plan though 😆 )

These are the first ones coming into my mind when i think of the weekend. We can enlarge the list adding a long-way travel, visiting relatives, doing shopping, etc. But it is your turn to tell me what is your plan for the weekend! 😀

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slumdogmillionaire_bestpicturei knewww itttttt….i knewwww itttttttttttttttt that this movie would rock the scenes and get the awards…yay!!!!

Today when i went to office my colleagues congratulated me saying that “your relatives got the award” as they consider me Indian rather than Turkish:P Now the DVD of the movie is being circulated in the whole office…Even the ones approaching hindi films with some kind of prejudice are asking from me to borrow it:D Ahhh it seems Turkish streets will be full of “Rahuls”, “Rajs”, “Simrans” or “Anjalis”  soon if i am to lend every favourite movie of mine:P

Oh by the way, i should say a few words about Rahman…well in fact what to say! What he creates is just awesome!

Apart from Slumdog Millionaire, Kate Winslet was my favourite with the movie The Reader and seems my wishes came true one by one when the topic is Oscar. I hope this “wish-realization” process can maintain its magic in other fields as well:)

And the oscar goes to ME, of course, as i was too successful at my guesses:P

P.S.: For the ones who want to read my reviews of Slumdog Millionaire and The Reader, please check here.

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2806676942686d63337eaq5It is almost midnight! I still feel the taste of latte I drank a few minutes ago sitting in front of a bookstore, watching the colorful front covers of the books and thinking at the same time about the movie I’ve just seen–Un Giorno Perfetto (Eng. A Perfect Day/ Tr. Mükemmel Bir Gün).

A divorced couple in Italy. The husband is obsessed with his ex-wife, so going under a psychological treatment to get rid of this extreme love (obsession) but it does not look so possible. The wife is trying to forget her husband and strugling hard to stand on her own feet taking care of her two children as well. A small son of theirs is totally innocent and half-aware of what is going around him. A teenage daughter of the same family is aware of everything and trying to initiate reconciliation between her mom and dad. Generally looking, each member of an already dissolved family tries to re-gain and maintain its own particles (bits of life)!

This movie gave me another chance to appreciate Ferzan Ozpetek once more. HE again put his signature under such a nice movie. Till now I have seen 6 movies by Ferzan Ozpetek (Which are Le Fate Ignoranti, Hamam, Harem Suare, Saturno Contro, La Finestra di Fronte and Un Giorno Perfetto), and they always left me in a stuation where it is like drinking a milky coffee with a small bar of dark choclate…feeling the bitter truths of life, still finding gaps where you are able to smile!

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