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Yesterday after office I decided to bribe myself due the intense struggles i show at work (hehe). So i had dinner outside (it was really yummyy) and afterwards i went to book/dvd shop to provide myself with some eyecandies on the shelves. Actually this month i spent too much money on books and movies so i had to stop myself from purchasing anything but (a big but) i couldnt as usual!

First i checked movies and i immediately realiazed a movie for which i was waiting for long. A fantastic chinese movie named The Promise.


Then i kept scanning the shelves with my eyes until i came across with a different and interesting title, which was Cherry Crush.


After persuading myself that should have been enough regarding the movie section, i went to book section and checked the new publications. And i got one in Turkish named Latife Hanım’ın Kağıtları (Papers of Mrs. Latife), which is composed of the diaries and the letters belonging to the wife of founder of Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. I m really fond of reading such kind of documentary diaries….


Now next time who will stop me buying things??!! 😀

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Shinobi is just one of my favourite japanese movies…It is about two warrior clans clashing with each other and a love story entrapped within the clash itself…

Warriors of these clans have some special powers to be used in the wars and these lovers now have to use their powers against each other…And at the end…the guy and the girl…no no no i am not going to tell you the end…you should see it yourself =P

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