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Last night i was so bored without knowing what to do…while trying to pick up a movie my eyes got stuck on “Twilight” once again…i told myself  “come on man you watched it earlier, you know each and every scene already, what can you find in it except Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison) :lol:” However this time i found someone else: James (Cam Giganget)!

I have been on the good (Edward’s) side until the time i am attracted by the voice of the evil (James). James is a harsh-type vampire with a wild and dangereous appearance. He is portrayed as a tracker vampire without any mercy killing people even for fun! He is lack of the soft look, calm attitude and deep patience that Edward has. In this sense, he is the opposite of Edward.

Ehhh! Until coming across James, i did not know even the evil has a kind of power to attract things/persons 😛


Edward Cullen


James The Tracker

Well knowing both their personalities and checking how they look like above, which would you choose? I would vote for the evil one this time but i can’t ensure a stabile/constant preference as my mood  can easily influence my preferences 😀

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