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dsc014751 A successful yet to be more famous writer, a sister at the same time strictly bound to her family, an aunt quite eager to help and advice her niece regarding love yet hesitant not to mislead her, above all a WOMAN with senses and sensibilities!

In this movie Jane Austen is portrayed as a woman who is at the stage of gaining success and fame with her books, however she seems to fail when the subject is love. She acts quite flirty when looked from outside but inside there are still storms to come out despite her late age…And regrets appearing and disapperaing time to time shadowing the minds and even hearts…

Easy flowing movie decorated with breath-taking nature views, and at the same time ornamented by some bits from J. Austen’s books. Whenever i watch a movie which is adapted from her own books or which is based on her books/life or in any way related to her, I just cant help putting myself in her shoes and dreaming to write non-stop with a never-ending inspiration…

Inspirational days yet to come!


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I was searching for a movie to distract me from real life for a while just last night. While scanning through the DVD shelf, I came across with The Jane Austen Book Club. I guess I had some kind of prejudice towards this movie, thinking that it was one of the chick flick movies revolving around Hollywood with simple love affairs or human relations; but I was mistaken.

The movie is based on Karen Joy Fowler’s novel telling us about the lives of six people living in California. Their lives were under focus via the characters in Jane Austen’s six books, i.e. Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion and Mansfield Park. While going through these characters and the eventful lives processed in her books, these six people were actually making an inventory about their own lives, relations, personalities, and even mistakes!


Favorite quote from the movie: “No rules, no fear!”



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