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Nowadays I am so carried away from the reality in a world of books, the last one being “Firarperest” by Elif Shafak. Shafak’s books are just like freshly baked desserts always appealing my taste in a way or another! Her being my favourite female writer in Turkish literature, time to time i tend to google her to know more about her, to see what her pluses are comparing with other writers, or to find a way out when i am densely lost in thoughts about how to be a good writer!

During these searches, i came across her official website, which is available both in Turkish and English, and contains short reviews of her books, her bibliography, interviews with her published in various newspapers and articles penned down by her every week in a Turkish newspaper…There is also a section where you can drop messages to her (although she is not able to check her mails regularly, surely someone replies the reader-mails – -proven by experience ; )

For those who like her style and to get to know more about her, this site is a well to dig deeper!

Happy reading,


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Twitter is a site which i rarely use since i believe that it is useless unless there exists a spesific purpose such as promoting something that you are into, let it be a site, a book, a place, etc. Otherwise i don’t think anyone would be interested in what i’m doing at the moment (May be i’m wrong about it, and if this is the case, please enlighten me!)

However, yesterday twitter became one of my favourite sites as i came across Elif Shafak’s page on it by chance. Following her on Twitter (not what she eats and drinks but what she writes and reads) seemed so charming to me as she is my role-model as a writer, and the best event of the day was the news that her new book “Firarperest” had now taken its place on the shelves (in Turkey). Hearing that my mouth became so watery to get it ASAP! (ASAP = As soon as possible here has the meaning of ‘as soon as my twins let me’). 😀

Happy Reading,


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dear-diary[1]Sunday…a day about which i could have never been able to give a verdict! Sometimes it is my enemy telling me the piece of bad news as the next day is Monday when everything starts at the earliest time and at the fastest speed; other times it is my best friend heralding that i still have some time before throwing myself into the arms of the coming rat race of our routine lives…

Today is Sunday and today is better than previous Sundays because as of 7:10 pm i am writing my 200th post, and which will be about how i spent/am spending my Sunday 😀

I woke up at 10 am which was quite early for me as it was a Sunday morning 😛 But i was still feeling quite lazy hence i preferred to stay in bed for a further while. Instead of leaving myself in the hands of sleep angel, i started to read the book (The Other Boleyn Girl), about the end of which i am quite curious. After spending some nice time under the roof of British Kingdom with Hengry and some Boleyn girls, i reminded myself that there was more to do for me apart from dancing in a Ball or participating a dinner with the King himself 😛 Therefore, i got out of my warm bed and chose the path to the kitchen.

I always pay a special attention to my Sunday breakfasts, so i prepared a detailed royal one and enjoyed it to the end watching the Simpsons family at the same time. While sipping the last drops of my tea, i adviced myself to move my ass to peform my to-do list for Sunday which was composed of both boring and amusing items.

Following my list, first i cleaned the kitchen, then set up rooms, placed the dried clothes into my closets, and then did some ironing too. And last but not the least cleaned the carpets (athough i hate it :x). Considering i had gained a ground, i gave a break and checked my inbox and read some blogs during my rest. Afterwards, i went back to my read and lost myself once again in the conspirations of the majesty.

And then comes the dinner time (i skipped the lunch as i had my breakie at noon already). I turned into a housewife now again trapping myself in the kitchen. I cooked a vegitable dish, some pasta with tomato sauce, some fries, some ‘kofte’, and some salad. It took almost an hour to complete them all, and eating them was just a 5-minute process 😀

Then i spent some time on net to find bollywood movies while sipping from my Turkish coffee. I picked up ‘Bobby’ to watch tonite. Then i made some arrangements regarding my books and magazines to decide what to read next. Then i made a delicious fruit salad composed of banana, grape, fig and walnut and picked up a bollywood magazine to accompany it and now i am here writing this post. Most probably while you are reading this, i will be digesting my yummylicious bowl of fruits 😛

Oh, by the way, let me thank all of my readers for carrying me to this stage (to make me write that many posts) and to keep this place alive by their visits…Thanks everyone! 🙂

It is 7:43 pm right now, and what i am going to do during the rest of the day…possibly i will keep reading the book, will see a movie, will write a card for a friend as tomorrow is her birthday (Happy Birthday Jas 😀 ), then will prepare my handbag and clothes for tomorrow and lastly will let my conscious to melt away on the laps of sleep angel 🙂

Dear Diary…now i know you never believe me without any proof hence this time i brought some evidence with me to witness my entire day 😛

Yeh meri zindagi hai…kya kahe…yeh kuch aisa hai…


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imagesMy Dear Diary, although you are not as famous as the one of Jane Austen, you are still hiding lots of msytery and merit among your pages, aren’t you? 😛

When i was taking a peek through my blog this morning, it occured to me that i didn’t make any sum up for a quite while and said to myself  “why not now…although not happened too much”…

  • Just two weeks ago i left behind a hilarious 3-week summer vacation, the amazing taste of which i still feel on my soul which had taken a deep rest but put into anguish again due to the 1-week of busy schedule at office!  Still, as i always mention here and there, i love to be busy!
  • Esential bit of my life, regular visits to Starbucks, is still on its way properly. I was just yesterday at Starbucks and this time i had lemon-flavoured cake with the company of tall-latte. Ah! i just can’t give up on its taste and smell although it means half of my salary is invested in their capital 😛
  • Meanwhile, i have maintained to continue my intellectual activities…watching movies (mostly Bollywood) and catching up with my reading wishlist! I have “Kalyug”, “The Last Vampire”, “Luck”, “Kambakt Isqh” at hand yet to see. Any idea on any of them?! By the bye, i started to read “The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory” and “Emma by Jane Austen”. The handsome gentlemen and fabulous ladies of both already won my heart although i am just at the start of both reads. (Let me give you a secret, no one can take the place of Mr. Darcy 😛 )
  •  These days i am again at trouble in the kitchen. I never say i don’t have the ability to cook but the will! i am just not fond of cooking by any means. Recently, although i spared a lot time for cooking, half of the time was spent on deciding what to cook indeed. So any kind of easy and practical recipe is very welcome here 😀

My dearest Diary, i guess that is all for now. Even if there is to say yet, my still sleepy mood lets me neither to think nor to write…isliye baki baatein baad mein 😀



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th_Best thing known while working in an office without enough oxgyen for hours is to know that as of 5:30 pm it is weekend 😀 And the second best thing is to make plans for Saturday and Sunday despite it is still Friday 😀

 What can these plans be?!

  • Sleeping as long as you want without hearing an irritating alarm sound waking you up in the middle of a lovely dream…
  • Meeting friends whom you have not seen for ages due to your busy schedule and spending some nice time with them…
  • Going to cinema to catch up with the up-to-date movies which you missed recently…
  • Starting to read one of the books from which you made a pile on your desk buying frequently and reading rarely due to your tired eyelids every night…
  • Cooking delicious food instead of ordering fast food from outside…
  • Doing some cleaning reminding yourself you are a housewife at the same time (this is a must more than a plan though 😆 )

These are the first ones coming into my mind when i think of the weekend. We can enlarge the list adding a long-way travel, visiting relatives, doing shopping, etc. But it is your turn to tell me what is your plan for the weekend! 😀

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storyOne day on the return of school a teenage boy (Michael) gets sick and has to get off his bus. He sits on the side of an aparment feeling worse, and a middle-aged woman (Hanna) helps him to get better and she accompanies him to his house. After being kept in bed for months Michael goes to visit Hanna with a bunch of flowers to thank her. Then suddenly an affair arises between these two. They cannot name it whether it is a love relation or just a physical relation to meet each other’s needs but no matter what, in time they get stick to each other more passionately.

Michale reads for Hanna different books and Hanna loves to listen to these books. This turns into a daily routine, reading some books just before making love. They spend a summer together. Now it seems they are inseparable until one day Hanna decides to move and get away from him.

When these two meet next, Michael is a law student in his twenties and Hanna is a defendant in her forties. Michael sees her from far away but never has the courage to be seen by her. At the end of the case, Hanna is found guilty. And meanwhile he discovers that Hanna is illeterate.

During her days behind the iron bars, Michael keeps reading for her at his own house. He records his voice and sends the tapes to Hanna. She loves them. And she starts to read and write as a result of her passion for books, for Michael and just to be able to send a letter to him. But she is never able to get a reply to her short but meaningful letters except already coming tapes.

And when these two meet next, Michael is in his forties and Hanna is quite close to death…

As i already mentioned in my previous movie reviews, i am a big fan of Kate Winslet, but my appreciation doubled for her after seeing this movie. She was awesome with her acting, fitting in every role, with her stand, look, the way she speaks, behaves…

The movie deserves a five star…and i strongly recommend everyone to see it…

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Shopping Bug on Duty!

Time to confess that today i was unable to stop myself from doing shopping again!!! But i believe this time i got some beneficial stuff…What is included…let’s have a look…

Well on the top of the list come the movies. I was too lucky to find some indian movies on the DVD store unexpectedly. I cannot express how happy i felt at the time. First one is “Slumdog Millionaire” which is recommended by a friend (Sree-ji, thank you so much once more for this great advice, i watched it already and now it is in my favourite movie list!) (a review is to be published soon…) And the other one is “Black” by famous bollywood actress Rani Mukherji and one of the bollywood kings Big Ben (Amitabh Bachchan)…The last movie i got today is from hollywood named “Twilight” (how lucky i am again to find both the movie and the book of it on the same day:))

Yea, as I mentioned above i got the first book of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and i already started reading it…so far so excited….i even forgot to drink my tea as i lost myself in the read…


And the last thing i bought today is something small but cute in apperance…it is just a cell phone bag decorated with cat items….see below yourself how sweet it is (or is it b’coz i love the cats?)


mmmm i guess that is all (as i should not mention the fruits and vegetables i bought today) so it is high time to log out and go on my duty by reading and watching for more reviews:D

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