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imagesDear Diary…it has been quite much time again (i have no idea how many times i have repeated this also) since i last left a trace on your pages…however, there has been nothing that worths sharing with you. The past days were quite normal and routine like a vicious circle between the house and the office.

As a cheering point, i managed to spare some time to see a play at playhouse. The name of the play was Lozan, which is the name of one of the important agreements signed in the Turkish history. As already implied, the play was an historical one and unexpectedly it was not boring at all.

I haven’t been able to see a new movie this week but i have started to read a new book named “Evening Class (İtalyanca Aşk Başkadır)”…so far so good but unfortunately i am so slow (like a turtle) at reading these days because the winter already knocked our doors and before anyone else i (again) succeeded to catch cold so whenever i attempt to read a few pages, this results in nothing but falling asleep 😦

That’s all for now…


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Being fond of reading, i always have tendency to get more and more books although i have less and less time especially lately. Every night i pick up a book to be read in bed just before sleeping but i always stay behind my target page as the desire to sleep always overcomes!

Meanwhile i found out another tendency of mine, which is to keep bookmarks in various size, shape and design among the pages. I am not one of those readers who can mark the page even with a piece of simple paper or a pen. I always look for a new and an interesting one!  After discovering this “hobby” of mine, friends also started to find quite distinct bookmarks for me. Here is the one gifted last week to me by one of my colleagues which was purchased from Japan.


It is made of golden yellow metal which has a Japanese house figure seen among some tree branches which you can see in the below photo more clearly…


I just loved it. Let me thank my friend here 🙂 And please do not hesitate to share with me the bookmarks you find interesting!

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1612-robert-pattinson-6lgThis week’s quotes are from Stephenie Meyer’s popular Twilight series…



So the lion fell in love with the lamb…

It will be as though I never existed…

Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget…

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twilight_book_coverAfter such a long time, i finished a 400-page book in just one and half day…i had the taste of reading once more without even breathing, forgetting myself totally…And that is all due to this book or the main character of the book Edward Cullen🙂

The book is the first one of the Twilight series which is followed by New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn all by Stephenie Meyer.

I read “Twilight” in Turkish which is translated as “Alacakaranlık“. As soon as i turned just a few pages i realized it would be hard to put the book down, it was in the middle of the night like 2 am and i was still reading sometimes smiling and sometimes frowning…

Bella, a 17 year-old teenage, comes to Forks to live with his father leaving behind her re-married mother just to give her some space with her husband. Although Bella never likes Forks in all his life due to rain and cold weather, she thinks she can endure that. Her first day at school is spent in a quite bad and weird way. He meets a guy, Edward Cullen, who seems to be the only one to hate her. He looks very beautiful, dashing and cool with his grey-like skin, deep honey color eyes, well-built body and his charming smell. She thinks it is hard to resist him. But Edward never speaks to her, on the contrary he runs away from her…

In the coming days, Edward saves her life in an acident by showing supernatural powers but noone realizes this situation except Bella. Then one day unexpectedly he starts to talk to her…They seems to enter a complicated friendship followed by a love relation which is hard to manage when it is discovered that Edward is a Vampire.

Then comes the killing sentence in the book…”so the lion fell in love with the lamb”…and this expresses everything, doesn’t it?

In the book some facts are released about the vampires which are not in line with the generally known truths/speculations  like they do not turn into ash under the sun, on the contrary they look so shiny and beautiful like a diamond and that is why they take shelter when the sun is out. They do not have any coffin, skeleton, web, etc at their home, rather they have quite organized and relivingly spacious rooms. And surprisingly they are not afraid of the cross…

The character who impressed me the most in this book is Edward Cullen for sure not only because of his attractive physical outlook but also for his being protective, bossy and even jelous toward the girl he is in love…I even don’t mention that one of the reasons is his being a vampire:P

After finishing the book, i really regret thinking that i should have not read it so fast as i want it to last for a little longer…so now i am just impatient to get the other books of the same series as i want to know whether the lion will eat the lamb or he will take her to the forest to make her a lion as well:)

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These days i have not been busy at all but i couldnt finish even a book or i did not see any movie due to my occupied state of mind. At such times, i dnt enjoy neither reading nor watching as the things in mind hinder one’s taste.

However, nothing much left from Sense and Sensibility and i have great quotes from this book to be shared with you very soon hopefully. And i got another movie on Wednesday called Premonition, and it is possible i can watch it tonight if i can come to my senses.

As for Bollywood,  still i m about to see Rehnaa Tere Dil Mein…My Indian friends say it is really a cute movie but i am not sure whther i can manage seeing an emotional movie without any tears..lol

I am dying to go back to my daily routine leaving aside everything troubling me… Ah, well, lets see…

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 The new book of Orhan Pamuk at last took its place on the shelves. “Masumiyet Müzesi” (Museum of Innocence–literally) is often categorized as a novel of romance but the writer states it is more than that. It is not only about love but also, human relations, friendship, marriage, passion and many other humanly feelings.

Here i am not going to go into detail about the book regarding its matter of subject, the style in which it is written or the readers’ feedback as i have not read the book yet. May be i should spare another page for its review after finishing the book.

By chance today i came across with the author on T.V. talking about his writing life, his career all throughout, about his new book and its process and the nobel prize he got. Listening to all these talks, seeing the author’s enthusiasm about his book, the discipline he applied on himself, the ethics, his love for writing really touched me today.

So, i got a new motive to read this book and right now i m adding it into my Target Books…Lets see when i will be able to read this book as there are still many waiting to be finished…Well as all of us know…So many books, so less time…!

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I am sure almost all of you have heard about one of the famous books of Jules Verne which is Journey to the Center of the Earth. After this exciting and fantastic fiction now it is time to meet its fascinating movie with the leading cast Brandan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson and Anita Briem.

Although the story line has nothing new to give you apart from what Jules Verne given to the reader, and at the same time although it is away from the details hidden in the book, the technology applied in the movie is its main and foremost feature which promotes its popularity. The movie is a 3-D one which provides you with the effect of a strong reality taking you into the movie with all your senses. For example, when the hero spits on the screen, it is you to deal with it:D

All in all i can say i had a quite an exotic one and a half hour and i can strong recommend the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet!

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