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Today is the birthday of one of my dearest friends whom i gained thanks to the blogsphere. He is a passionate blogger himself and an enthusiastic commentator of my blog besides his other characteristics:P Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for Mr. Sreeram 😀

Mr. Sree, are you ready for your birthday party? Well i tried to arrange everything as we decided beforehand but unfortunately at the last minute beautiful ladies refused to join the party. I know it is a big loss for a Don Juan like you but at least for this year you have to manage with the cake and juice 😆


Are you excited for the gift i bought for you? 😀 Well i am sure you think i got you some books or DVDs butttttttttt you are totally wrong! You should know one thing which is Choti is really modest and generous 😀

See your gift…


Ab khush?! 😛

Ok ok ok…that much kidding is enough, isn’t it?

Wish you a happy birthyday, a very blessed one, and a long life with all your beloved ones all in peace, health and happiness 🙂

Hope you can have a real party where you can enjoy to the fullest with better gifts 😛

Happy Birthday,


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