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It was such a sunny day today and unfortunately i missed the quarter of it waking up almost at noon as i slept quite late last night losing myself in Breaking Dawn. As soon as i opened my eyes in the morning (i mean at noon :P), not minding my starving innerself, i attempted to go on where i stopped last night. Just 1oo pages were left and the excitement was at the peak! Rather than reading in bed and starving and getting lazy whole day, i got out of the bed, got dressed and went to the nearest starbucks so that i could enjoy both eating and reading at the same time!

While sipping from my coffe latte and hearing the sound of water flow in the small pool in front of starbucks, the real world slowly lost the reality and i was among the vampires again. The rest might contain some spoilers so if you haven’t read the book yet, you better stop here 🙂

What i saw within the pages…Edward Cullen (as dashing as ever), Jacob Black (as the warmest and softest friend on earth), Bella Cullen (the new surname after the marriage, a new-born vampire with a strong ability, a baby born soon after the wedding in an unusual way), Nessie (A new and cute member of the family, little daughter of Edward and Bella who erases the Jacob’s love for Bella in a blink as it is found out that Nessie is the soulmate of Jacob, who also causes a threat from Volturi),strong family bonds, friendship in every form (between vampires, between humans, between vampires and wolfmen)…what is more…love (forever), passion (between burning skins), jelousy (like a heavy stone in heart), but the most important is the happy end:)


Hope you realize how tight i am hugging the book in the photo due to two reasons: 1) I didn’t want to end it so soon 2) i wanted to see what would happen in the end so impatiently. Such a controversy 😛

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