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2883034971_9c1c7da028Wake up very late today as if i wanted to get rid of all the exhausting load of the last week on my shoulder…Prepared my luggage (which took quite a lot of hours as i am usually an indecisive soul)…After completing every task before my trip, i had a long afternoon all free…so i decided to go to cinema after so many days without the big screen…

This time i chose a Turkish movie (which i usually dont prefer to see) named  “Osmanlı Cumhuriyeti” (Ottoman Republic)…I was really surprised at the movie because i was not expecting such a success…The movie searches the question what would happen if the Turkish Republic was not established and again what would it like be if the Ottoman Empire still exists…It shows various possibilities combining both the future and the past, encountering both the internal and external forces over the country…the storyline of the movie was quite clear, well-detailed and decorated with comedy items…

I found Ata Demirer quite successful as an actor, the emperor role fitted him quite much…The views from Dolmabahce Palace were fascinating as well…

When the movie ended, and when my eyes were stuck on the black screen, the sole thought in my mind was how proud i am of my country!


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