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I had heard this song a month back in a music market where it was played in high pitch…i had really liked it at the time but later on somehow i totally forgat about it…Again tonight while watching a tv. series (Aşk-ı Memnu), the calming melody of the song just filled my ear taking me under its charm. It is the new song of Sertab Erener (Eurovision winner singer u know!). The song title is “Bu böyle ~This is how it is” And the theme is totally about love!

You can listen to the song here with some scenes from that tv. series i talked about. I tried to translate the song struggling to give the exact meanings duly. Hope it can render the significant points at least…Enjoy! 😀

O zor günler solan güller eskidendi. Geçti!

Those hard days, the fading roses were in the past. It is over!

O zaman aşık olduğum rüzgarlar esti esti. Geçti!

The winds which i fell for then blew and passed away!

Geriye sadece yarım yarım sevgiler,

Incomplete love stories left behind only

Yüzüme inceden uzun uzun çizgiler.

Long and thin lines on my face left only

Öznesi kalan süresi kısalan cümleler

Sentences with the same subject but a shortened time

Yalan dolan bir kaç resim kaldı

A few fake photos left behind only

Aşk seni bulabilir de, uzakta durabilir de

Love might find you but it might stay away as well

Samimi oluyor derken mesafe koyabilir de

When you think it is getting closer, it might set a distance in between

Bu böyle vurabilir de, ilgisiz durabilir de

It might hit just like that or might stay insensitive

Onu sana katıyor derken tuzaklar kurabilir de

When you think love adds you, it might trap you as well

Bu böyle

This is how it is


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