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I, myself, read Shakespeare during my University studies but i have never felt he did affect me that much….

A movie based on a Shakespearean baseline….an aged theatre actor still stuck in his old good days…still feeling the stage under his feet and still memorizing each and every line he performed by Shakespeare…Although he spent years hearing the applauses of the audience, he left those applauses with a sudden decision…then a life-long regret!

One day a director hears about him and aims to shoot a movie, lead actor being this old man…At first everything seems exciting, inspiring and even thrilling but the movie within the movie ends with a tragedy….The rest tells about how the other people related to the old man copes with that tragedy and how he, himself, still continues acting with touching the hearts….

Amitabh Bachchan takes a different role in this movie regarding his previous works…his performance is amazing and quite influencing…although i do not like him much, i really watched this movie with eyes wide open and without giving any break till the end…

The Co-stars of the movie Preity Zinta and Arjun Rampal are as successful as him. Each role absolutely completes one another….

During the movie, although it gives you some slow moments as the events proceed in quite a slow way with some flashbacks, the end of it leaves you with a sudden and accelarated blood rush without knowing how to feel…

to be or not to be ruined, tht is the question!!!

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