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ShahRukh_Khan_aur_Aishwar_48d352b982dc8Shah Rukh Khan & Aiswarya Rai…with whom i fell in love when i was first introduced to Bollywood through the movie “Devdas”! I was amazed at their acting, dancing, mimicking…I became a total fan. However, soon afterwards i came to know that these two have also some anti-fans, some haters, some protesters…then i met Amir Khan, who was the king of anti-SRK community…and they were blaming SRK as acting in floopy or lame movies giving nothing but fun and laughter or solely romance (note that all of which we need the most recently) while glorifying Amir making official declarations that he was the master of reality scenes, he was the messenger of what was not said yet. Meanwhile, Aishwarya was being compared by other Bollywood queens like Preity Zinta, Sushmita Sen, Kajol, Rani Mukerji and many others…She was being willified by Anti-Aish community saying she is nothing but a plastic doll. She was blamed to be unnatural and superficial…

Let me say i am not against any of the people whom i mentioned above. I don’t have any special hatred or dislike for any of them, and i like quite a lot watching all of them as each one has his/her way of marvellous acting. However, i just can’t understand what is wrong with SRK or Aish, and i am really curious how one can underestimate the soul, the constructive energy hidden in them!

Below is the video song, Ishq Kamina, of both…an excerpt from the movie Shakti, the Power…Just watch the dance and get the spirit…and if you are an especially anti-SRK, let me understand what he did wrong 😛

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ghajini2At weekend i had the chance to see Ghajini after being recommended by friends many times as they think i kind of make injustice towards Amir Khan, seeing only Shah Rukh Khan movies and ignoring Amir’s. However, the case is not like tht at all. I also see AK movies and most of them i find quite successful such as Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, etc. but unfortunately Ghajini is not one of them.

As matter of subject, it was just copy of the Hollywood movie Momento. It was not based on inspiration, was lack of creative items. I do not mind copying this and that as long as one can add to it and can make it develop further.

I did not like the leading actress as well (Asin). She was too random.

But i cannot object the success of AK’s excellent acting talent under any condition.

Songs were not good, as they were mostly got stuck between being wild or mild.

Overall, i had nice time while watching at least a Bollywood movie with one of the big stars in it–Amir Khan–but if i am to rate it, i just give 3/5.

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