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Kambakkht Ishq1I was so happily hyper on hearing just before my vacation that a Bollywood movie “Kambakkht Ishq” would be on cinema screens in Turkey. However, when i was back, i came to know that it was a false alarm. I searched all the nearby cinema halls on net just to find out that there was no chance for it 😦

Feeling hopeless and upset, i consulted my usual reliable source for Bollywood movies on net and at last could see the movie. I am not sure whether it did worth to be sad that much over it because i really don’t know what to think about this movie.

Akhay Kumar was quite funny, jelly and jolly as ever and although he does not have the sprit or the charisma for the screens, i should say i am quite satisfied with his movies composed of stupid jokes, funny mimics, and some emotional and sociological messages given at the end.

As for Kareena Kapoor, sadly i won’t be able to give the same opinion. Yes, she has the charm, beauty, an attractive figure, hotness, but surely not the cuteness. She acts quite well but there is still this little thing keeping me irritated on her apperance.

Regarding the topic…well, we hardly think of a Bollywood movie without the love theme, right? Hence it was smelling romance in the air, action on the ground and comedy in between 🙂 A girl (future doctor) and a boy (a stuntman) who both hate “love” itself and urge lovely couples to break up as well, fall in love with each other in the end…that is what happens very briefly.

The scene which i fully loved and laughed at like anything was the one when Kareena forgets a watch in Akhsay’s stomach during an operation that keeps chanting “om mangalam mangalam” once in every hour, especially at unexpected moments…That was really cute!

Oh! By the way, appearance of some Hollywood stars like Silvester Stallone was another lovely color in the movie being not the center of attraction as expected though…

All in all…Kambakkht Ishq does not contain any important message for the audience, does not render any significant emotion, does not give the audience anything good or bad but still a nice timepass! Hence my rate is 3,5/5!

P.S.: If you get any chance, listen to Om Mangalam from the soundtrack which has quite a vivid melody 🙂


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wall5-1024x768It has been such a long time since i watched such a funny bollywood movie. Indeed i do not know how to review this movie as it has everything in it. It has the sina qua non of the bollywood, aka romance, it has comedy, it has action, it has suspense, it has thrill, it has love, it has karate-kungfu, it has Akshay Kumar, it has Depika Padukone, it has fantastic scenes…what else do you look for!?

From one angle it is like an adult version of Karate Kid including comedy items in excess, from another angle it is like fantastic chinese fight art movies such as House of Flying Daggers, or a Bruce Lee movie made by indians. But i should say it does not look like a copy of anything, it has the bits combined within a creative manner.

wall6-1280x1024I loved Akshay Kumar’s acting. His facial expressions, his mimics were just awesome and really funny. Depika was as gorgeous and elegant as ever.

 I was in need of laughing for a long while and this movie was like a freshly applied medicine to me…Is there anyone wondering about the rating?? Well, 5/5 for sure:)

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