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A few months back, i was cherished with the news that a movie named “Raavan” by Bachchans was soon to be released. I turned into an impatient soul again, which was the case for all the long-waited movies or books. However, soon, due to unexpected developments in life and the yield of the cyclical daily life, i had totally forgotton about it!

Yet recently, when i came to know that “Raavan” was already released, i immediately got the movie and was seated comfortably with lots of hope and expectations both with the cast and the movie itself. But in the end certain expectations of mine had been replaced by some disappoinments…

The story was simple on the surface, which was based on the concept of ‘revenge’. However, when we digged deeper, there were also love (indispensable item of bollywood), enmity, loyalty, human relations in general and the balance between the good and the bad sides treated in detail and embroidered with songs and dance scenes (sine quo non)!

Concerning cast, i was introduced to Vikram for the first time in this movie and at first glance he got my appreciation by his acting. As for Abhishek, he was damn good in pretending a mad, wild and revengeful man. He was really impressive and scaring as well while looking wild, talking wild, behaving wild and dancing wild! However, his dearest wife, Aishwarya Rai, unfortunately disappointed me to a large extent. She seemed pretty intalented and as if reluctant to act. I have always been a big fan of her regarding her porcelain-like clear face, innocent deep looks, butterfly-like dancing skills yet in this movie i did not observe any of them. It is normal that she can look old by appearance, still she should not reflect that her acting spirit is also getting older. Remembering her previous movies such as Devdas, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Taal or Jodhaa Akbar, this time i really missed her energetic and synergic moves. I hope next time she can get rid of her dull condition!

When we evaluate the movie as a whole, it is catchy by story, fluent by process, impressive especially by gentlemen’s acting hence worth watching…

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ShahRukh_Khan_aur_Aishwar_48d352b982dc8Shah Rukh Khan & Aiswarya Rai…with whom i fell in love when i was first introduced to Bollywood through the movie “Devdas”! I was amazed at their acting, dancing, mimicking…I became a total fan. However, soon afterwards i came to know that these two have also some anti-fans, some haters, some protesters…then i met Amir Khan, who was the king of anti-SRK community…and they were blaming SRK as acting in floopy or lame movies giving nothing but fun and laughter or solely romance (note that all of which we need the most recently) while glorifying Amir making official declarations that he was the master of reality scenes, he was the messenger of what was not said yet. Meanwhile, Aishwarya was being compared by other Bollywood queens like Preity Zinta, Sushmita Sen, Kajol, Rani Mukerji and many others…She was being willified by Anti-Aish community saying she is nothing but a plastic doll. She was blamed to be unnatural and superficial…

Let me say i am not against any of the people whom i mentioned above. I don’t have any special hatred or dislike for any of them, and i like quite a lot watching all of them as each one has his/her way of marvellous acting. However, i just can’t understand what is wrong with SRK or Aish, and i am really curious how one can underestimate the soul, the constructive energy hidden in them!

Below is the video song, Ishq Kamina, of both…an excerpt from the movie Shakti, the Power…Just watch the dance and get the spirit…and if you are an especially anti-SRK, let me understand what he did wrong 😛

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I had not heard of this movie (Dev D) until one day i met a review by one of my favourite bloggers (Sree) and after an introduction, he was telling the readers to stop reading if you did not watch the movie yet and being a good girl i stopped at the very mentioned point and tried to find the movie impatiently after learning that it was a new version of Devdas. And today i had the chance to see Dev D…

May be i should not compare these two movies (Dev D and Devdas) as each has its own gist in its frame but unfortunately i could not help comparing them during the watch-process….

While i was expecting a painful love story and a sad end leading the audience to shed tears over it, i came across something very different. There was still love (not only a triangle but also a rectangular), there was still missing (not only running after the lover but also to hold and sequeeze her body), there was still drama (not only going for a suicide for the lover but losing a fortune on intoxication), there was still tears, feeling of revenge, lust, anger, frustration, losing control but all those concepts gain a different dimension in Dev D…

Even the way the characters look has disguised itself:


Paro and Dev in the movie Devdas


Paro and Dev in Dev D


Chandramukhi in Devdas

10_devd_chanda_2101_430xxChanda in Dev D

Dev D is somehow inspired by the story of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay but it is quite changed and modernised and adapted to the current era of ours. Not only the characters but also the environment, the setting, the flow of the story, the qualifications of the characters are quite changed. For example in Dev D the characters are quite strong living the life with all its bad and good sides. And the best thing is noone dies….

I did not read the original story. I watched the movie Devdas with Shah Rukh and i found it quite amazing. At first i thought i could not give a chance to another Dev but after the whole movie i found out that it was good in its own scope…

My rate: 4/5!

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