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31929710rmi43Jirou Kitamura, a young boy feeling so much alone on this crowded earth despite so many human beings without being aware that his loneliness is to be ended by a robot sent from the future….

When Jirou is about to celebrate his 20th birthday at a dinner on his own, a young girl joins him out of blue. Being lively, energetic, lovely and a bit crazy, this new girl looks like a perfect match for him. However, he soon finds out that the girl has some super powers and in the end discovers that the girl is a cyborg indeed sent especially for him with a special mission. Being a cyborg, the girl is totally lack of any kind of emotion or the feelings that the human beings have; she is even not able to say “I Love You”! But this bitter truth is not a hindrance in front of Jirou’s extreme love for the cyborg girl…

My readers already know that i like far east movies and i found this 2008 Japanese movie quite enjoyable and touchy as well. It includes all the items of science-fiction, thriller, action, romance and fun hence serving the audience in variety. All in all, it presents an emotional turmoil in the end getting a 4/5 from me.

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Fridaynight…in front of the shopping mall where hubby and me will have a dinner…Hubby said “i wana take you to a romantic movie, plz pick up one”… I thought for a second and i replied “that is such a nice offer, i have been looking forward to seeing Terminator”…he smiled and said “that is why i love my wife, she is romantic deep inside not on the surface” 😛

After getting seated ourselves and placing our pop-corn boxes on a suitable reach to us, the usual high pitch Terminator music filled our ears which exhilarated us….

The war between machines and humans are on the peak in this part. The machines are much more developed and complicated…The humans are much more dedicated and fierce…The visual effects are so real…Only thing that was missed in the movie was Arnold himself…although they tried to compensate this gap showing a machine having some kind of fake Arnold look, it didn’t meet the needs i believe…


“If your are reading this, that means you are part of the resistance. I recommned to all the resistance to see the Terminator-Salvation which is a 5/5 action-thriller….This is John Connor!” 😀

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