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A small American town where two interconnected families live. And the bond connecting them is sometimes love, other times hate…

Physically-ill teenage girl unable to walk and talk properly, still her feelings are so fresh and capable enough to be enthusiastic about tasting love (or sex in more concrete). A mother who is helpless at times without knowing what to do with her daughter, and a grandmother who shows much affection and supports every wish of her grand-daughter no matter how extreme it is…

On the other hand there is a man who recently lost his wife yet still keeps his heart open to love. His two sons: one is loyal to his family and experiences every bit of happiness and pain, the other son runs after his dreams leaving everyone behind however returns to home at last gaining nothing…

The movie is all about life itself and some interwoven abstract concepts, love being on the lead. I rate the movie as 3/5 since it is lack of a proper focus and an appropriate processing of the topic-line, plus it is not long enough to capture the audience wholly.

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